Fried fish with Sweet – salty chilli sauce, Tom Kha Soup

Fried Ling Cod with sweet-salty chilli sauce – ปลาทอดราดพริกสามรส
Tom Kha soup with chicken and mushrooms
– ต้มข่าไก่ใส่เห็ดแชมปิญอง

Last weekend I had two fish and chip dinners for my birthday treat, at popular fish and chip market shop in Prince Rupert. I have never posted about fish before, so I brought a bag of lingcod home  to present this weeks: “Fried Ling Cod with Sweet-salty chilli sauce”, This dish is one of a tasty Thai with the three flavors sauce {sweet-sour-salty} serve with jasmine rice and with a hint of chili will certain make your dinner appetizing.

The fish plate alone is lonely so I provided another one soup to get along and can make a good meal, I hope you like them both.

630 grams (Estimated) Ocean fish, cut into your favorite size
Your favorite Cooking oil for deep fry
Salt, pepper to season fish fillet before dusting with flour
Flour (use 1/4 cup of corn flour mix 1/4 cup of all purpose flour) dusting before deep fry

The Sauce Ingredients {prik Sam Ros or Sweet – salty chili Sauce}
0.5 Tbsp coriander roots, chopped
2-3 garlic clove peeled
2-7 red chilli pepper, dice before blend {I use sweet petit pepper in season}
4-6 tbsp Palm sugar
2-3 pickled garlic, peeled before blend
4-5 Tbsp Water
3-4 Tbsp cooking oil
1/4 cups  Sour Tamarind extract (Tamarind paste 2-3 tbsp add hot water 1/2 cup will use about 1/4 cup)
3-4 Tbsp fish sauce
120-140 grams tomatoes cut into squares

1. Prepare the sauce by blend the coriander roots, garlic, orange-red peppers, pickled garlic (peeled)
together in mortar or blender until smooth but not too fine.

2. Heat the pan over medium high heat, add cooking oil and smooth ingredients, fry until fragrant, add palm sugar, cook until palm sugar melted.  3. Add tamarind extract and cook until the sauce turn syrup, add fish Sauce and tomatoes, add water to prevent sauce from drying out. Continue cooking gently until tomato soft, taste and season more if necessary for the final taste is the balance of three flavors; sweet-sour-salty.

4. Fry fillet of fish until crisp on the outside and well cooked on the inside. Remove from the oil to paper towels.

Transfer fried fish on the serving plate and use a spoon to drop the sauce on each piece. garnish with deep fried dried chilli and coriander sprigs.

Tom Kha Soup {This week I made Tom Kha chicken and mushrooms}


3 cups coconut milk medium  {use 1 whole coconut to make fresh coconut milk}

5 cups water

sea salt

Great galangal thin slice or crush, coriander roots (cleaned), kaffir lime leaves shread, lemon grass thin slices

4 chicken thigh skinless, slices in bite size

10-15 mushroom champignon

2.5  Tbsp fresh squeeze lime juice

1.5  Tbsp Fish sauce

fresh chili crush

Preparation for tom kha soup

1. After we made home fresh coconut milk (Kati Medium)  A cooking pan add kati medium and water then bring to a boil, add sea salt, slices herbs (galangal, coriander roots, kaffir limes leaves, lemongrass) after it boil,  Add chicken until cook, season with lime and fish sauce, add crush chili and mushroom. Taste the final flavors that taste is First sour from lime juice, second salt and creamy aromas from kati and herbs. Wait until boil and mushrooms are cooked. Turn off the heat.

{Acid from lime juice prevents lemon grass and mushroom from going black through oxidation.}

2. Transfer soup to a bowl and garnish with a small drops of Nam prik pao (roasted chili in oil or roasted chili jam), coriander sprig for charming.

Wish you a lovely week.

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