Astoria for a break

After hang-out here in Westport  over one month. Time to rent a car to see Astoria. On the way from Westport to Aberdeen there is a restaurant at Wesport Winery to have breakfast, lunch or dinner or drink. (produce their own wine)
We got to know the owner after the bus forgot to stop by as they promise. As we tried to call the only one Taxi in Westport and he seems too drunk. The wife of the owner noticed and she suddenly offer to drive us back to Westport by her husband owner. They both experienced boating a lot 25 years ago before open this successful winery. The food taste delicious also great wine.

From Aberdeen to Astoria takes time about 1.45 hours driving along highway 101.  Will pass Willapa (Willapa is a place for oyster) shoal water from the Pacific ocean. Few boat will cross to Willapa Bar because of shoal water. It became very rough even on a normal day without storm.

Rough Sea in the afternoon at the entrance of Willapa Bay

we saw lots of surfers looking but no one seemed keen on what was being offered

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Cape Disappointment

This is the main reason I wanna come to Astoria. To check on the light house and watch the Columbia River Bar. Why the time we were here at the bar was quite nice and if so we should take the boat here. Later on weather change again. The weather can be change so quick here and it can be rough as in Willapa Bay. We watch the pilot boat help big ship to cross the bar safely.



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At Ilwaco have a boat yard and moorage   service.


Buoy, a popular and busy. Home brew fragrant beer and good food. An old town struggling to reinvent itself after the old industries closed. Many people used to fish and log. Now both the fish and logs are only a fraction of what the used to be.





We have got to know this Lux Yacht skipper in Westport. Same destination …Sandiago One night Pad Thai with Peanut sauce as they requested. The ocean was too rough 24 feet then this motor yacht made far as Astoria.

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