Sailing around Greek Island | from Korfos – The Corinth Canal – City of Corinth- Galaxidi

From Ancient Times to Modern Marvel: The Corinth Canal.
This post is special for us because we’re going through the Corinth canal. (In the making since the ancient time 2,500 years ago)

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From Korfos to Corinth Canal 

30th May, 2024. We untied ropes at 7.20 a.m. leave Korfos and heading to the entrance of The Corinth Canal. Calm day and we passing many fish farms. Megara gulf. North west wind 11-14 kts, boat speed 6.5-6.7 kts

At 9.45 a.m. at the entrance of the Corinth canal. (Kalamaki bay), Saronic gulf, The Aegean Sea.

Turning radio channel 11. Finally we decided to dock on quay to the office side and walked to the Corinth office. We paid canal fees 234.14 euros. There is fuel service so we filled fuel while waiting for half an hour. (Paid another 330.73 euros for expensive day.) Wait for a traffic light to change from red to green.

The Corinth Canal: A Fascinating Passage through Time

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We exit the canal half hour later. Feeling the wind from the Ionian side. Sailboats are ready to entering into the Canal. We are the last boat. (only three boats) that’s why the traffic control radio to inform us “Captain, speed your boat! “ while we were in middle of the canal.
12.30 p.m. exit the Corinth canal and heading to Port of Corinth.
12.50 p.m. side tie docked at Port of Corinth. We check in at Port police and pay for dock fees *Dock fees = 9 € for one night/total 18 € for 2 nights) then to check out at port police.  Met nice Brazilian couple helping to dock and shared information about sailing to Albania.

Strange place. Dock was very run down and not easily accessible for cruising boats. The centre shows signs of decline with empty stores. Also many of the coffee shops and restaurants but no convenience stores and only a couple of small supermarkets. Positioned as it is next to the Corinth canal and with world famous sites nearby it seems to be an opportunity wasted”. – Stephen’s opinion

And for me ? I like city of Corinth. Just different in character. There are three seafood market. 2-3 good fruits and vegetables shops. So many nice coffee and bakery shops which is great. Many deserted building area. Good to know. – Luksana

City of Corinth

From Corinth Harbour to Galaxidi 

June 1st, 2024 Untied ropes and leave Corinth harbour at 7.50 a.m. very calm. Wind 2.4 kts speed 7.2 kts Massive of transparent jellyfish with 1 dot orange spot. Many dolphins came to play under front bow.

1.30 p.m. We approaching and docked in front of coffee shop and restaurant at Galaxidi harbour quay. (Anchored to concrete and rock and mud) Dock fees 7.21 € per night (not include electricity and water) Wifi4EU is very good and strong signal. 

“Numerous restaurants at front quay. Mostly Greek visitors came here to dine by car or by bus and of course sailing yacht crews. There is no ferry to come to town. Mostly sailboats or local boat. Very friendly and welcoming very laid back and peaceful.

p.s. not see real Bakery-pastry shop or real butcher shop while walk in town.
Greek flowers are everywhere here with Saint Nicholas’s church in background
s/y No Worries Moody, blue canvas stern tied (middle boat of this picture)

June 2nd, 2024 stay on second nights