Patiently waiting (after 3 weeks)

Anything that can go wrong will go wrong. Murphy’s law

Unlucky in wind + Engine quit again and a long period of waiting…

Dear friends,

To continued from our previous post. The US Border security officer issued one year cruising permit for the boat owner.

After the storm passed by. We checked the weather forecast and it will be good for two days with winds from North, yes that is what we look for,  October 10th is also  Columbus day in the US, a national holiday. We motoring Beautiful Swimmer out of the bar and aim to Astoria. No north wind as forecast predicted. Start to see Cape disappointment and then the engine quit at around 1.30 pm. in the afternoon. no wind and engine quite. Bravo

As soon as we turn back to Grays Harbor and at that moment the north wind just arrived.

Columbia River Bar, Oregon is 5 km. wide and 10 km long. with North Jetty and South Jetty…Peacock spit…a graveyard of The North Pacific.

To remember…If in doubt stay out. (of course) So we had to turn around and head back. Unfortunately Mechanic aid that both water pumps damaged. Bad news Volvo has stopped making spares for this model, and so have to have them rebuilt. Cost $2200 US. Not a nice surprise. And a two-week wait. Trapped.

Normal day at Grays harbor. .

We beat this storm into port. Hard to believe that we had little to no wind for 39 hours. It took us 19 hours to make the last 30 miles from offshore to the harbour.


This viewing tower was build about 5 years ago.

dsc_0830Footpath walk from view tower to front beach.

Even calm days put on a show on the Marina Breakwater


Grays harbor (south) bar. I cannot walk further.
Coast Guard watch tower. The red flag shows moderate conditions on the bar.

Junky Marine Supply


Hard to find in the dark. This wall often has surf running along its side with the wave tops high above it.


Westhaven Harbour for Ocean going Fishboats and the other side of the road is a mile of tourist shops

No place to run

There is no Tsunami evacuation Sign in this town. Don’t know where to run because the land is flat as sea level. Surrounding with sea. Most people come here during fishing season then leave. So do we.  Also the areas has seafood factory.

Westport – Aberdeen (half an hour by bus)

A bus station center in Aberdeen. Waiting for bus no.55 to Westport. The bus will come every 2 hours. No service on Sunday.

When ran out of grocery it is a good choice to take #55 bus to Aberdeen which cost only $1 per person one way. There is a transit bus service for free at Aberdeen station. So you can stop at Safeway or ahead to Wal-Mart and a few more.

To describe of Aberdeen you can feel that many parts in town was run down.

Westport is also the source of Cranberry tree and Ocean Spray factory is nearby at cranberry road on the way to Aberdeen.

Try award-winning dairy product. Produce in local town  Tillamook is good quality.

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