Bahia Conception to Playa Chivato to Santa Rosalia

Miles and miles of sea shells. We enjoyed collecting seashells at sea shore.
I am not sure what to do with this many shells but we got a promise to bring for Carmel’s kids.
From posada conception to red pinned point that engine stopped.
From the point that engine stopped to red pinned, Playa Chivato
Left SV Karuna Chris and Coolet and right SV Beautiful Swimmer (buddy boat) SV Karuna supplied water for us to use while in Bahia conception.

Santa Rosalia

At first Santa Rosalia is not in Stephen’s plan. For me it is more lilkely to be in the plan because the old engine reliable and also to hang out with Chris and Coolet, they will stay about two weeks in Santa Rosalia before heading north.

Adios Amore Santa Rosalia
Santa Rosalia ferry will cross to Guaymas twice a week.
windy day
Marina Fonatur Santa Rosalia
Swimming pool of Marina Fonatur water temperature is still chill.

our next post –> Santa Rosalia to San Carlos {overnight crossing The Sea of Cortez}