Preparing for new adventure

Introduction to our new to us 1989 Moody 425

Hi there,

It’s time. Our website just have changed for some heading to update our new boat. From s/v Beautiful Swimmer to s/y ”No Worries Moody” She is currently in Leros Island, Greece.

For S/V Beautiful Swimmer she is still stored on a secure concrete boatyard at Marina Fonatur, La Paz, b.c.s. she will be continue for sale next year. She has done for many years of travel from Prince Rupert, B.C, Canada to Baja California Sur in Mexico. We can be guaranteed that our Dufour 35 always performed well in different sea conditions and conveyed us safely throughout our many wonderful experiences.

Boats for sale online

If it is too good to be true…

It is probably a fraud”.
After we spent good amount of time looking for a 40-45 feet boat at a reasonable price. Failure many times For various reasons such as websites scammers, dishonest brokers. as well as missing boat owners and unclear information.

We found one slender and beautiful classic of whiting 45 in Auckland, New Zealand. After Stephen had a long flight from Vancouver to Auckland to make sure that the boat will not sink. A very disappoint trip. Many pictures are not up to date. Many function did not work and out of date. Then this boat is not worth to buy. 

Luckily Renata, a German - Kiwi is out there in Whangarei. (cruising friends we met in Guaymas) Renata was very helpful and accompanied while he was there. 
As advertised 

Auckland harbor New Zealand. apparently kiwis have more boats per capital than any other country.

July 2022

After we lost our feelings and disappointment with the Whiting 45 boat. The next day Stephen received some good news from a UK broker. After the negotiations that did not last longer than a day to close the sale. The 27 pages survey glowed and had no major recommendations. Due to past experience of seeing this type of boat selling in days and knowing the queue of interest for this Moody 425 with people waiting to buy as well. This time we won’t let her go. It is hard to list the main features but new yanmar engine with 4 hours on it, not a typo. Redo hull all new t-hulls, new ports and hatches, top of the line electronics the list is endless also the owner was very forthcoming honest and very helpful.

Unexpectedly, the boat is at Leros in Greece. The game-changer opportunity cruising around the Aegean Sea sounds exciting enough after our many years of Baja California sailing experience.

Our next post : Leros Island, The beginning of Aegean sea