Bahia De Tortugas to Cabo San Lucas

Bahia De Tortugas to Cabo San Lucas


From Bahia De Tortugas (Turtle bay) to Bahia Asuncion (56.6 NM)
Sunday Nov 12, 2017

07.40 a.m. Leaving Bahia De Tortugas
Caught one Albacore tuna for dinner.

Three sailboats. SV Volunteer, Estaban+Bely, SV Patience, Ernest+Yolanda, SV Magic, David, Mike and Dylon. All heading to Bahia Santa Maria.
Catch of the day.

06.30 p.m. Anchored in Bahia Asuncion bay

Bahia Asuncion {Nov 12-15, 2017}

This is what we came for> Clean few boats friendly caring people and good reasonable priced food. Yip we are anchored out there. The surf break does not look much but in a small inflatable it can be fun. These pangas are dragged into the water each morning and then back on the beach at the end of the fishing day.

Bahia Asuncion Bay water is cleaner than turtle bay with Black sand. Have to pump dinghy to get in shore and each day we get wet from swell. The village is safe and people are nice. Several grocery store and few restaurant. There is a restaurant in front beach with rope fence. Name of restaurant “Brisas Del Mar”.

From Bahia Asuncion to Santa Bahia Maria (199 NM)
Thursday Nov 16, 2017

07.40 a.m. Bring anchor out. Leaving Bahia Asuncion
Wind too light so we did main sail, head sail and motoring.
Saw 4 sea turtles (brown shell color on the way. Hundreds of Dolphins chasing the bow.

Sea Turtle. Think we saw about 8 in 2 days. Hard to get a good picture as they are hard to see until they pass and if they think you are a threat they dive.
No idea how many. they seemed to come in droves. Leaping and flipping must have been the best part of an hour before they grew tired of playing
SV Schatzi, Roger and Lynne, we left at the same time.

Around 05.30 p.m wind get stronger but not too strong. Better put mainsail down. So there is another American sailboat that we go along the same direction. It is good to see another boat.

Friday Nov 17, 2017 overnight navigation

First land we see. it seems to take all day to draw close in fact it did take all day. It was past sunset when we got into the bay.
Mexican Light house.

Saturday Nov 18, 2017 Anchored in Santa Bahia Maria

Bahia Santa Maria {Nov 18-20, 2017}

One of our favorite bay with landscape of mountains. Foggy happens some day and one day the fisherman came.

The fishermen are not supposed to sell to us guys. But in the fog no one can see them do the deal.

The Morning was flat calm and foggy. Luksana was not a happy camper as we had not provisioned for a deserted spot like this. But then out of the fog came…..
Three fisherman came through the fog. Looking for AA batteries which I gave for free.
Would you like Lobster they asked? Of course I refused. Right. Three cans of Coke and guess what.. someone was happy again.
Beautiful and wild place completely open to the West but a great place.

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Santa Bahia Maria to Bahia Magdalena (~30 NM)
Tuesday Nov 21, 2017

08.39 a.m. Leaving Santa Bahia Maria
02.30 p.m. Anchored in inside the entrance of Bahia Magdalena
A very strong tide in the evening. Bow not face to wind like big motor yacht.

Bahia Magdalena 

A very strong tide while tide changing .

Bahia Magdalena to Cabo San Lucas. (Estimates 150 NM)
Wednesday Nov 22, 2017

11.50 a.m. Leaving Bahia Magdalema
5.30 p.m. very light wind
Thursday Nov 23, 2017  a.m. – midday no wind and very hot.

We do not carry enough fuel to motor 400 miles. So we needed to sail at least 100 of the 250 to Cabo. Unfortunately this did not happen. Tried sailing whenever there was a puff of wing. Ran the engine at very low speed trying to stretch the fuel but eventually the inevitable happened. So we spent about 6 hours ghosting along , getting excited when we made 3 knots. I cut towards the shore as I had read that often strong offshore winds develop as you near cabo. AT about12.20 p.m. the wind stops being flukey and fills in and gradually we start to be a sailboat again There is another 55 NM to Cabo San Lucas After midnight the wind pick up and we start to sailing 8.5 knots. Engine stopped working at 6 pm. Very light wind. We thought we will have a hard time to get to Cabo San Lucas that may be a few days with very light wind. Later on after the sun set We saw big group of clouds is coming from west. Started creating wind. But wind wasn’t steady So head sail keep banging. until 8 p.m. Then   Wind get better but still light.We started to feeling good but still hope that wind will steady like this and take us to the end of Baja California.

Had to do this 3 times that night. At least the fuel cans were empty so easier to move.. The only access to the engine is through the locker. slight design flaw Mr Dufour.

LAst Pacific Sunset. Beautiful. 10 mins later the engine died

Friday Nov 24, 2017

After 1 a.m. Very good sailing at night until we see headland rock before Cabo San Lucas.

Wind and waves are very strong at the point. We light to see how rough of ocean. Night navigation again we try to direct the boat to anchor without engine. Big cruise ship in the bay.

05.30 a.m. Anchored 75 feet in front of beach

Cabo San Lucas {Nov 24-26, 2017}

You name it they have it at Cabo.
So you want to get away from it all. The dawn rush for the sport fleet.
Time to get out of dodge. The bay before bedlam when the cruises ships deposit theier guests, scores of sea does jet skis boats towing parachutes tours etc etc. Madness. After the month in small isolated places this was like waking up to your worst nightmare.
Cabo arch

We docked a dinghy here in front of the Marina Office for US$ 3 ticket.
We anchored this spot. {That we can see Costco just across}