Experience the Beauty of Turkish Coast |Datça to Bozburun

Song :Eisai Mia Glikia Mpalanta {You are a sweet ballad, and I, a listener}. Artist : Nikos Vertis

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What we knew about Turkey coast before we get there …water is like a swimming pool. There is Saturday market for fruits and vegetables and clothes, etc. Wine is terrible out there. Marina is hi-end and cost high price. in Marmaris there is a street with many marine stores for boat lover. Varieties of food. Friendly people. 

Log book

August 2023

30th leave Kos marina at 11.45 a.m., dock at Pali village at 2.40 p.m.

Kos Marina

For your reference: There are interesting articles to read about as follows

Datça: The beautiful Turkish peninsula forgotten by time. {from CNN} ,

Datça peninsula holiday guide: what to see plus the best beaches, restaurants and hotels {from The Guardian} and

The Pull of an Idyll as Years Pass By {from New York Times}

August 31st Leave Pali village, Nisyros island at 08.25 a.m. ⚓️ in front of Datça beach at 1.30 p.m. To check – in at immigration we pay for agency €130. `’Welcome to Türkiye!” One of the office told us with Smiles on his face.

Since we stepped on Türkiye land. We saw large dogs or it called Kangal shepherd dog is a traditional Turkish breed of large guardian dog.

September 2023

1-4 Anchored ⚓️ in front of beach.

During ⚓️ in harbour Engine stops. The noise from starting panel. Warning ‼️ Battery power out.

“My electrical additions did have teething problems. Mainly due to over protecting the system. 

Our problem started when we positioned a main switch wrongly. This blew a small fuse which stopped the engine from starting. 

Simple fix. Spent 2 days trying to find a 4 amp fuse. 

Walked from one end of Datca to the other. Almost completely tourist town.

I had installed an additional breaker switch to protect the new battery system from overloading the alternator. I had turned it off and for several days we had run the boat as normal. Anchoring and pulling the anchor just using solar. Until we were unable to pull the anchor” – Stephen

Anchorage in Datça harbor
Gulet = wooden classic yacht built usually in Bodrum or Marmaris from the southwestern coast of Turkey. The average size of the gulet is 20 to 30 meters in length and feature 4 to 8 cabins. are all over Datca harbour. From this picture we anchored near Gulet.

September 5 Docked at Datca marina. Dock fees 600 liras per night. Which is not included water and power. To dock here in a tight space wasn’t fun. Our anchor chain is possible to tangled with our neighbors. No one will be happy.

We must get a paper stamp for black water. Dock manager told us to find Mr. brunt at fish market. Mr. brunt will need captain passport. He will print out one page paper and stamp for your holding tank pump out. We must get a stamp every 15 days. Just a paper and no place to do pump out in area or you must go as far as Marmaris. The best way is to go out to Greece water to do.

Datça Marina : what happened to dock in tight space. Your boat may get to dock only half length. To get out of boat by walk to neighbors deck. Boat in middle can dock only half..! When it is windy masts can be very close to each other.

September 6 We leave Datca at 8 a.m. and we eventually did so. Anchored in a bay outside the village of Bozburun. Then I turned on the start for the engine. a deadly clicking sound. We arrived in Bozburun around 3 P.m. to anchored in harbour.

On the way to Bozburun

We checked at this place “Dirsekbükü Ağıl Köyü” so many boats and big Gulets. No doubt, we went out. {all boats tie stern lines professionally on Rocks} we did not start to practice. Then we went further and see more turquoise water in Bozburun Peninsula. Decided to drop anchor and just found out that No power. Anchor stop working. We then let the boat go float for a while and decided to find dock or anchor ⚓️ in Bozburun village.

Interesting column wrote how to anchor safe in Türkiye water by the link {photo courtesy Mooring techniques in Türkiye }

“Now the engine was brand new. So I was very down. Yaya from Osman’s Place restaurant got an electrician to come to the boat. He was way out of his depth the yanmar is computer controlled.”

“I was i admit a little intimidated by the new system. Until I came to the decision that I had forty years of fixing boats so went back to basics. The fix. The starter battery was weak. Changed with bow thruster battery. Made sure that battery break switch was on and walla our problem was solved. I did replace the starter battery and returned the large bow thruster battery”. – Stephen

We got to know YaYa from Osman’a place. The restaurant owner and staff are friendly and very helpful. We hang out at this restaurant often and get to know them well. YaYa knows a lot of people and can provide service for you when you have problems. {Gasoline, Agent, Mechanical, black water stamp} ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION FINES IN TURKEY: AN UPDATE He is also bee keeper experts in Bozburun.
8-14 Anchored in bozburun harbour
15 paper black water stamp
16 anchored outside harbour
17 anchored outside harbour
18 motor back to dock at Bozburun marina {2 nights = 1000 liras}
19 docked at Bozburun marina {night 2}
20 anchored in harbour
21 anchored in harbour
22 – 28 anchored outside harbour {met sv Jack Sparrow, a NZ solo sailor}

29 Dock at bozburun marina
30 fuel dock {fuel 147 litres paid can$ 300}

October 2023
1 Dock at Bozburun marina
2 anchored outside Bozburun harbour
3 anchored outside
4 anchored in Bozburun harbour
5 anchored outside harbor
6 anchored outside harbor
7 anchored outside harbor
8 anchored inside harbor
Oct 9 check out of turkey {We can check out from Bozburun} to check out boat need to be dock at marina. Then the agent will collect documents and passport. We pay €60for her service. It is very convenience at 1.30 p.m. dock in Symi harbour

The Guardien published an interesting column : Tranquil Turkey: soaking up the coast at a slower pace

Place to hang out. Osman’s Place.
Bozburun shipyard
Most anchorage with goats walking, eating plants.

Met them again in Pedian Harbour, Symi island.
Australian young couple we met in Bozburun. Emily and Ryan from S/Y Wishful Thinking {Moody 425}

Oct 10 docked in Symi harbour
Oct 11 at 12.10 p.m. Leave Symi harbour {dock fees €20/day at 1 p.m. anchored in Pedion harbour

Oct 12 met Ryan and Emily sv wishful thinking
Oct 13 leave Pedion harbour early morning
Oct 14 – 15 Dock in Nisyros, Pali village
Oct 16 Me leave Greece Kos harbour south to airport to Thailand (My father had a critical from Scrub typhus!!

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