Sailing at Last | Morro Bay to Santa Barbara

Morro Bay to Santa Barbara

There is no Marina or anchorage to stop between Monterey bay to Morro Bay and also between Morro Bay to Santa Barbara. Also we have to make time as the US will not allow us a couple of extra days on our cruising permit. Both journey we planned to travel day and night.

More about Morro Bay…

Morro Bay is often has heavy fog in the morning that stay  about an hour or more until clear. Sandy beach and Sea Otter often see around the boat. It is fun just to watching them.

Morro Bay Yacht Club




View of Beautiful Swimmer and Morro Rock in background. Taken picture from Morro Bay Yacht Club.

Log book 

Friday 29 September 2017

10.40 a.m. Leaving Morro Bay Yacht Club, motoring out the Estero bay. Waves rock the boat all the way to point Buchon (Irish hill) the pacific wind start to blow the flag.

Irish hills, point Buchon. (Heading out from Estero Bay to Point Conception).
Passing Diablo Canyon we can see the US Nuclear power plant. Steering away …

While the boat is passing Diablo canyon or Nuclear power plant. Stephen start to set headsail. He asked if he should make full head sail I replied no. Because the cruising we had talked before told us about strong wind that rip his friend sailboat on the way to point conception.

The wind getting stronger on the way to pass point Sal to Purisma Point. A combined wind and sea with 6-7 feet series of waves and sometimes big swell 15 feet coming unpredictable.

p.s. I take some photos and video before the wind get stronger then we must concentrate to control the boat until cape conception.

Life is not boring when big waves come behind your back.

I shout to Stephen “Help ME!” because I couldn’t turn the wheel anymore or keep doing this too long) big waves keep coming each time it push a stern aside. Me alone may lost control and that means the bow will face to the wave.

So Stephen taking care of the rest while I came down to hide in the cabin. I would prefered to watch from inside. Actually my legs was shaking and my both hand were cold. I thought I was in panic.

He said it is perfect sail. For me I feel terrified and if I know that it will rock and roll all the way like this we should go back to Morro Bay. But it ‘s too late…

Wind gust to 40 knots. The average speed made 7.5 to 10 knots. . while the boat is riding a big waves and I rock and roll until the wind died out in the evening after passed Purisma point. Later after sunset wind getting stronger again and we are on the way to pass point Arguello before point conception.

Stephen told me he will concern. “If the wind develop more than this”.

While we can see the land light, avoid a few big ships heading to us.
Feel excited all the time, no food and drink. Stress in ocean and I hope that the engine will not stop working in this ocean condition. I did not use sea -sick sticker or use any sea-sick pill think I am ok.

I can’t wait until the boat pass this point. (Pt. Arguello) so we will have a shelter of land and not direct face to the wind.

Point Conception is the point where the Santa Barbara Channel meets the Pacific Ocean, and as the corner between the mostly north-south trending portion of coast to the north and the east-west trending part of the coast near Santa Barbara, it makes a natural division between Southern and Central California,[1] and is commonly used as such in regional weather forecasts.[2] The Point Conception Lighthouse is at its tip. – wikipedia

11.00 pm passing Point Conception, light wind and light waves see the white light blinking. Point conception while we passing is in good condition. I was so happy that the boat made it all the way here safely through all the rough part above.

Sailing breezy along Santa Barbara Channel until the wind died. Geographic of the island there is a gap between the islands (San Miguel Island, Santa Rosa Island and Channel Island)  Suddenly a strong wind passing instantly between the gap that woke me up.

Saturday 30 September 2017

10.30 a.m. Arrived at Santa Barbara (Check in at Harbor Master office)

Santa Barbara Channel early morning.


Entrance to Santa Barbara Harbor

Santa Barbara Harbor



Moorage: US$ 46 per night (extra US$ 7 for gate and shower key card) incl. power and water. Not incl. Wi-Fi
Nearby : take a walk to down town, several restaurant and shopping, We use Wi-Fi at Starbucks and many restaurant has Wi-fi.

Santa Barbara Harbor

Take a walk to down town.

Thank you for reading. Have a nice day.

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