Sailing the Greek Islands from Leros – Lipsi -Donousa

our 2024 starting from Leros to Lipsi to Donousa.

We were Back to Leros island on Greek Easter Day 

May 6 The early flight from Athens to Leros airport was delayed due to the weather very windy. The before flight was delayed. Anyway one hour later our challenge pilot flew through the hill and landed safely, passengers clapped for his talent. Angeliki, Moor & Dock customer care told us that it can be happened if the pilot could not land and must fly back to Athens! We did rent a motorbike for 15 € a day. It was Greek Easter Day from the 5th – 7th of May. So mostly stores and shops are closed. The boatyard cat, Captain Ron remembered us he is rather skinny this time and not as many cats like it used to be as some of them may got kidnapping. Also the marine store in Lakki two cats missing that the owner looks unhappy at all and the two cats are very tame. Welcome Back !! We got greetings from most people we knew here since 2022 that made us feeling like home.

We finished quick anti-fouling painting to the hull in red and new boat name stickers applied.

May 15 at 8 a.m. Travel Lifts operator told us to be ready. At 9.09 a.m. Boat is to drop into water. We motored to Lakki marina arriving around 11 a.m. we seen another 2 moody boats while launching. It was nice to see Kariakos, dock master again he seems busy with others co workers.
May 16 stay one more night at Lakki marina

From Leros island to Lipsoi (LIPSI) island 

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Lipsoi or Lipsi island is located the north of Leros Island

17 May untie rope and leave Lakki dock at 10.30 a.m. (dock fees paid for two nights 15 & 16 = 38 Euros (she said 40% discount) start to use water maker. 

s/w wind 11.8 kts, speed 7.9 kts (Engine read 166.5 hours)

1 p.m. Docked side tie at Lipsoi harbour quay. Stayed for two nights. Docked fees = 27 euros (day 2 half price deal)

There are horses on the hillside as a background of fuel station so boat can docked and get fuel from here. Due to the wind a second day we moved to main dock. Buy 3 euros water (water is drinking on dock) dock master sell orange and lemon jam so got the orange one for 5 euros. The jam tastes so fragrant of orange zest. We wanted buy more water but he doesn’t charge us. We fill up water until full tank. Boat get dirty so quick from Sahara dust wind and dirty rain.

18 May Take a walk to Butcher shop which is impressive just the road after the top church. One traditional bakery shop at the front street. Rather tourists price. Many shops and restaurants that are being built say there will be more tourists on the island.

From Lipsoi (LIPSI) island – Donousa island | A beginning of Meltemi wind 

Donoussa or Donousa island is a small island in year 2011 Local government reformed to be part of Municipal of Naxos island.

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18 May  We untied a rope at 7 a.m. leaving Lipsoi. Weather looks sun and cloud and The air is not clear. Wind s/w 8.7 kts speed 7.3 kts 

⚓️ at 2 p.m. in front of Ormos Dhendro beach that we called nudist beach. water temperature 20 celcious. Gusts of wind through the hill. Due to Meltemi winds we could not get out of the boat!

Meltemi winds are summer northern winds. They are very strong, dry, cool, or chilly, and appear mostly in the Aegean. 

 Meltemi are the strong, dry north winds of the Aegean sea which blow from about mid-May to mid-September. The Etesian winds are a dominant weather influence in the Aegean Basin.

They are at their strongest in the afternoon and often die down at night, but sometimes meltemi winds last for days without a break. Similar winds blow in the Adriatic and Ionian regions. Meltemi winds are dangerous to sailors because they come up in clear weather without warning and can blow at force 7–8 on the Beaufort scale.[2] Some yachts and most inter-island ferries cannot sail under such conditions. However, they often provide a good, steady sailing wind favored by leisure sailors. – Wikipedia

19 May leaving Donousa island at 8.45 a.m. wind 23 kts and return to ⚓️ at the same spot named Ormos Drendro beach.

20 May still windy so we are listend to gusts of wind all day all night.

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