Anchorage in Sea of Cortez | San Evaristo

Isla Partida – Espiritu Santo to Isla San Francisco

November 28, 2018

We use headsail against the waves plus motoring 22 miles all the way to Isla San Francisco. Not pleasure sailing. The forecast 5-10 knot winds developed into 25Knot + So we went as fast as we could. Instead of building the wind subsided and then switched to the West, which is the open side of the anchorage we were in. We anchored one night then leave next day early in the morning. It is 10 miles to the village of San Evaristo. No wind so we motored again and had the anchor set by breakfast time. We picked a spot that had us sheltered from the West and North in the bay. The wind set up from the South East. 

Isla San Francisco to San Evaristo

November 29, 2018

Today water is calm and no wind. We motoring all the way up and aross to San Evaristo totally just about 10nm. Being careful of the reef at the entrance. 

San Evaristo Anchorage
November 29  – December 4, 2018

San Evaristo is our new place by the book to stop for good  shelter. They said a lovely small fisherman village with one Tienda and one restaurant. Easy beach landing is correct. 

Spending time a week to get to know the place and see hard working fishermen in and out with panga. The west wind start and change a direction to north and then east. Hard to prediction to go further north. There is no internet or wi-fi it used to have but got canceled a year ago.

Lupe a restaurant owner is welcoming and friendly.  

Sometimes life can be very stressful sail cruising LOL
having a cold beer at the restaurant / Stephen
The stormy weather brought a fleet of boats in to shelter.
Crew have it touch on BS
These boys are very common. Too common
The girl below she mixed a fragrant zesty smell margarita better than many places….. I experienced. {Becoming the expert the Admiral from Thailand.}


The Brit owners of the 90 ft Oyster parked in the bay. Made BS look like a Panga with a stick in the middle.
Oyster 90 ft
Cactus forests for as far as the eye can see.
You have a sand beach then a sand desert.
These Panga fisherman work hard and long hours. Their net, traps and fishing lines are all pulled by hand.


Everyday Fishermen in the village will leave early morning to collect fish from small camp called Isla Coyote that we did not have a chance to shop. Around 3-4 p.m. A truck came from La Paz or Cabo San Lucas will pick up all fish that cover with ice to transport back to city. They work hard and we can see the close in their family.

I bought one fish while fishermen is loading from catch. 150 peso or Can $ 10 for this one. 


Wonder how Man U and Liverpool did this week?
When I told them we were from Canada he proudly told me back he was from San Evaristo.

Windy day

I was not a happy camper  the bar had run out of beer and then the owner had to drive to town to restock. 25 Paso or about $c 1.50 a beer.

Our next post ——> San Evaristo to Marina Puerto Escondido, Loreto, Baja