Mee Krob

Crispy rice vermicelli with tamarind sauce and condiments, “Mee Krob” called in Thai – หมี่กรอบ

I have watched a comedy series,  “Big Bang Theory” They often mention “Mee Krob”  in their conversation of their favourite Thai order. Mee Krob, one of popular Thai appetizer and the meaning of “Mee Krob” is crisp noodles.  Pad Thai and Mee Krob has some similar ingredients, With more extra ingredients that this dish takes a longer time for preparation than Pad Thai. The appeal of Mee Krob is its blend of sweetness, sourness and saltines all in one.

Mee Krob use some more special from The sour/citrus flavor prominent in this dish often comes from the peel of a Thai citrus fruit called “Som Saa”. Pickle garlic also one ingredients to not missing for this traditional dish. Pardon me “somsaa” is not available for our presentation today.

This recipe I had adapted from my school and ML.Puang. There are three 3 parts for preparation. This dish is definitely loved in a party.


Ingredients for “crispy rice vermicelli, Tofu, Eggs”

250 grams Rice vermicelli

2 Egg yolk

200 grams tofu, I use medium-firm, cut thin baton

2 whole eggs, for making crisp egg for garnish

1 – 1.5 litres Canola oil, for deep fry

Equipments: sieve or strainer, paper towel


1. Soak rice vermicelli at room temperature water until soft about 5-10 minutes, drain and pat dry with paper towel. Heat the oil to high heat, preparing for deep fry. Separate two egg yolk to coat all over damp rice vermicelli. When the oil is ready hot, start to fry small amount of rice vermicelli until the colour golden brown both side and transfer to paper towel tray, fry all until finish and let cool then cover with the bag to prevent the air. (I keep in ziplock bag and keep in the refrigerator for a few days is fine)

DSC_2953 DSC_3117DSC_3119DSC_3072DSC_3076

2. Fry tofu until golden brown and crispy, transfer to paper towel.

DSC_3054 DSC_3131

3. Crispy egg, beat 2 eggs and pour through a fine sieve to hot cooking oil, Keep a strainer on high level for a fine thread until golden brown, transfer to paper towel.



Ingredients for “Mee Krob sauce”

1-2 Tbsp Canola oil, add more if need

1 Tbsp fine chopped garlic

3-4 Tbsp fine chopped red shallot

170 grams Prawns or Shrimps, Today I use shrimps, clean and score half length side

0.5 cup (pack) Coconut palm sugar, grated (0.5 cup = 8 Tbsp)

1/4 cups and 2 Tbsp Granulate sugar (1/4 cup = 4 tbsp)

7 Tbsp tamarind juice, tamarind paste add hot water

4 Tbsp fresh squeeze lime juice

3 Tbsp white vinegar

0.5 tsp  salt

3 Tbsp fish sauce

1 Tbsp Soy bean paste, I use Healthy boy brand

250-260 grams Minced pork

0.5-1 Tsp crushed red pepper, pigment


1. Preparation all ingredients in front of you, photos start from left: Palm sugar, Grated palm sugar, Tamarind juice, shallot, crushed red pepper, lime wedge, garlic, pickled garlic, soy bean paste and the rest of it that did not show on photo.

DSC_2954DSC_2998DSC_2974DSC_2976DSC_2962DSC_2980DSC_2983 DSC_3035

Soy bean paste
Soy bean paste

DSC_3039 DSC_3105

2. Cooking: A sauce pan use medium-high heat, add cooking oil, garlic, shallot and fry until fragrant. Sear prawns to just cooked and transfer to a bowl. Continue to season  sauce by adding palm sugar, granulated sugar, after palm sugar, tamarind juice, white vinegar and lemon juice, salt and fish sauce.

Let simmer and stir occasional until palm sugar all melt and thicken the sauce, At this point share this thicken sauce about 2-3 Tbsp pour over shrimps bowl to get shrimps with tamarind sauce.

Back to a sauce pan, add minced pork, soy bean paste, and crushed red pepper, use a spatula to break the meat to not a chunk. Let the sauce simmer and became thicken. We want the sauce to be thicken because when we toss with crisp rice vermicelli it will crisp long and not soggy. Taste the flavours for the final taste would be a blend of sweet-salt.



simmer the sauce until thicken then taste for final taste


Ingredients for “Toss, condiments and garnish” (serve one platter)

100  grams “Crispy rice vermicelli”

2 – 3 Tbsp “Mee Krob sauce”

5-7 pieces  Shrimps in tamarind sauce

condiments; Lime wedge, bean sprouts, chinese chives

garnish; crisp egg, coriander spring, chili strips, thin slices of pickled garlic


1. Preparation for fresh condiments set besides a plate; bean sprouts, chinese chives, lime wedge.

2. Toss just before serve, toss in advance for many hours can effects a crisp vermicelli.

A tossing bowl, add crisp rice vermicelli, sauce, bean sprouts, cut chines chives and gentle toss. Then add a few shrimps to toss before transfer to a serving plate. garnish with crisp egg on top, coriander spring and chili strip. Sprinkle with thin slices pickled garlic. Add some more shrimps if you like.

Note: left over Mee Krob sauce keep in a Tupperware, keep in refrigerator.  Warm the sauce again before toss crisp rice vermicelli.

DSC_3028DSC_2988DSC_3060DSC_3065DSC_3067DSC_3084DSC_3085DSC_3140 DSC_3139DSC_3138 DSC_3087DSC_3086

Transfer to a serving plate with condiments and garnish.


Now around the house filled with snows…

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