Sailing association ‘Sail Away’ Dock Party


Greetings  from Shearwater, BC Inside Passage 

We have currently docked Beautiful Swimmer at Shearwater because free moorage and waiting for the gale to stop blowing from south.  For the past days we have collected some photos of scenery from the British Columbia’s Inside Passage,  both on a nice day and then cold rainy and windy days. The last 2 weeks have seen us say good bye to many friends family and familiar places. In the end it was too hard to say good bye to everyone and so we tried to leave quietly! However friends have a way of surprising you and we had a very moving send off from the members of our extended family at the North Coast Sailing Association. Marty and Mae came down the evening before we left with BEER! They also helped us before dawn the following day to untie the lines and head out into the unknown.  Thanks to everyone who have made our lives so rich over the years! May your dreams come true as well.

~ Cheers ~


Inside Passage Channel

Sail Away Dock Party

Place : North Coast Sailing Association, Prince Rupert

Date : Saturday 29 March 2014

Dog party at the dock with Three GR. Definitely we will miss their warm fur and the fun we used to play together.


Night before departure Prince Rupert



  1. Must be almost anti-climatic………… and how fortunate to have such wonderful friends and memories. Wish you a wonderful, exciting and safe trip and am looking forward to updates. Ashok

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