Beat up by tide for the first try

exit Juan de fuca
Our latest position we were in between the open Pacific and the strait of Juan De Fuca and later return to Sooke Harbour.

One hour early?

Unsuccessful for the first trying to exit Strait of Juan De Fuca yesterday. We had set the leaving date on Saturday 14 of June. The strong gale in The channel so we canceled and listen to the forecast that is still strong wind on Sunday. Finally we decide to leave on Monday. Boat is ready and we are ready.

Monday 16 June 2014

06.15 a.m. Motoring out Sooke Harbour with speed 5-6 knots and increasing  to 6-7 knots with cloudy and clearing later in the morning. Start to see the big swell. Many big swells. Not see small vessels but faraway in United States side there were a few big cruise ships and Ocean going freighters. Sunny and little wind from NW. 11.30 a.m. Passing Port Renfrew but our boat is in the middle of the channel. Stephen gave me an South African seasick medicine and he took one. My mouth open “Wow” What a big giant swell. 12.00 hrs The swell got very steep and close together. The frequency made the boat crash up and down and corkscrew and they seem to cover the whole channel. We saw the tip of the island we had to round to get into open ocean and one big ship out there that we must turn left and pass. It seemed like we got there too early and the big tide was still rushing out and meeting the large ocean swells. Tide Changed while boat position is the connection of the exit [entrance of Juan De Fuca Strait] and the open Pacific Ocean.

Port Renfrew

After the decision to turn the boat across to Port Renfrew. There was a big ship heading to our boat. We must steer to the US side and again the boat is pass over the entrance of Port Renfrew and another reason with the situation of the rough sea and steep deep frequency swell is difficult to enter into Port Renfrew. It is more safe to put up the headsail and sail back to Sooke Harbour. Also Luksana doesn’t has a visitor visa for the US,  which should be very good to leave in the morning next day. So we sail all the way back to Sooke to base to recoup for the night 18.30 Arrived Sooke Harbour 19.30 p.m. Dock at the government dock p.s. Try to leave early for Juan De Fuca Strait because the wind normally will come in the afternoon.


Leave Sooke with the ebb tide.

Tide Changed while boat position is the between the exit [entrance} of Juan De Fuca Strait] and the open Pacific Ocean.

‘Don’t panic if something goes wrong’

12.00 hrs The tide just changed. We start to feel the movement of more steep and frequency swells around us and covered the whole Strait of Juan De Fuca. Stephen start to vomit {Is that mean the african seasick pills does not work properly}  I keep concentrate to steering Beautiful Swimmer. She dip up and down, left and right side. Stephen keep vomiting ( Ok I feed the fishes twice over an hour of wondering why I ever wanted to live) while I was not at all. The situation that we can not figure it out is if it will take time to be like this at least one hour or several. Steph  asked if we should head back to Port Renfrew. Absolutely I am totally agreed. The Port Renfrew is at least one to two hours. Stephen turned the boat because I am not experience to turn with this steep swell. He made a rapid recovery and I emerged from the safety of the cabin and got the boat steady, even so it was a very violent action making the heading across the straits. Port Renfrew is not the best place being wide open to the swells from the Ocean. When we could see how rough it was in the bay, we sailed back to recoup and sort out the broken jars in the galley. Very dejected as we arrived back in Sooke. Not being able to go into the US is a pain also for the first time wondered if we could do this. However Irish stubbornness is dwarfed by Thai determination. We will try again. We will try to time our arrival at the exit of Juan de Fuca for slack or even after the flood has started. Of course now is the time for the biggest tides!!!!! It was very windy again today but we are determined to make our shared dream work. If we have to wait we will do so but we will give it a try. P.S. There is no fuel station in Sooke Bay we used a lot of fuel from Victoria up the strait and back. The Wharf Manager Linda has very helpful for this. Actually got her husband, Bob to run into town and get cans of diesel for us. Amazing how nice people are when you have time to meet them. Also we cleaned our cloths at the most fancy laundry in Canada. Very good price as well. Also have to thank Dave Anderson and Garry D ( I would spell his name wrong) from the NCSA in Rupert, for nagging me to install an AIS system. In the JDF Straits it is a must. Also it will allow me to sleep off watch. The alarms show vessels up to 20 miles away. Much further than you can see them even in daylight. Cheers guys. It is amazing how fast 20 to 25 knots are at closing you down. Lastly thank you for your messages we have received in contacting us. We are appreciative of your thoughtfulness.