Cruising menu

by Luksana from S/V Beautiful Swimmer

Sail Away with Delicious Delight

Grilled Santa Rosalia squid
with two style chilli sauce

Tempura Prawns with Thai sweet and sour sauce

 Fish fritters with Thai sweet and sour sauce

Tempura prawns in Rice paper rolls with sweet Thai chilli sauce

Chili Fritters (stuffed with goat cheese)

Beef green curry (Recipe)


Pad Thai on board ผัดไทย {Recipe}


Spicy Manila clams Linguine

Fresh Thai chili + garlic + Manila clams + White wine + tomato sauce

+ Tillamook butter

DSC_1471photo 2

Beef bourguignon with mashed potatoes, pasta or rice

DSCN8161DSCN8171Seared – oven baked Halibut served with Rice and seared vegetables from your choice (Prince Rupert caught)


CanTuna sandwiches


Grated green apple pancakes served with Caramelized bananas



Omelette with spinach & fresh mozzarella cheese


Braised Lamb shank with red wine (Beef bourguignon style)


Pan fried marinated minced pork with cheese+egg+fresh cream+fresh herbs served with greens


Pita Bread (from nearby bakery shop) with Seared (white ocean fresh) fish marinated greek yoghurt, lemon juice and spices. (Recipe)


Dutch Cocoa fudge brownie (King Arthur recipe) without chocolate chips {Recipe}


Freshly baked french bread (From nearby supermarket) slices with cheese, tomato and basil


Sushi (Salmon in season)

DSC_0697 DSC_0693

Seared Salmon Roulade with sauté spinach (Salmon in season)

DSC_0732 DSC_0899DSC_0901

Chicken or pork with easy homemade Teriyaki sauce


Super spicy egg pasta with sauté fresh pacific shrimps, tomato sauce, crushed green chill, garlic, basil


Wild Pacific Salmon with Teriyaki sauce (Brown sugar, crushed ginger, Kikomen, Corn starch)

Menus while we off shore…. ❓

Sea sick, no energy to cook and when there is no fresh vegetables left…

Shrimp canapé served with cucumber relish

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