Anchorage in Sea of Cortez | Isla Partida – Isla Espíritu Santo

Isla Partida – Isla Espiritu Santo Anchorage

Finally we left La Paz after Stephen and Scott fixed the water leaking from the heat exchanger. Steve then found the secret leak in the brand new water tank. Now the bilge is not continuously cycling on and off. Bilge is normal.

It seems it was a little nieve to think the boat would be in sailaway condition. In the last 2 years we have not spent any time on maintenance and have been away from the boat for long periods, it is catching up on us.

Also it is not easy to sail against the strong Northerly winds that are the norm  in December. It is  winter time so we have to always watch the wind. We use a new fridge an Engel, we carried it as baggage on the planes from Canada. Now we can keep some cold drink, food veggies and cheese. We tried to get the boat fridge fixed but the one repair specialist was dubious in his practice. Will try again in a new port. 

We sprayed the anchor chain with different colours so it is easy to know 50 ft, 100 ft, 150 ft. ++ Also repaired anchor light and running light, which due to the way the world revolves look 3 days and over 12 trips up and down the mast.

So this time we left hoped everything would work well.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 

Motoring from La Paz to Isla Partida – Isla Espiritu Santo 

Yip someplace are as nice as the books say
She was on her white sand beach at last
Hot sun, warm water, lack of tourists Yipee
No filters. the bay was about 2 to 5 ft deep at mid tide
An old volcanic cone it gives good shelter from most directions, Sand bottom makes for secure anchoring.
A happy camper
Here is the place for sea turtles to swim. 
Sunset was a nice way to end the day with a cold one. Well few.
Huge numbers of Fiddler crab live in sandbars. 
The bay can hold many times this number of yachts.
We anchored close to the colour change
Some anchorage neighbours coming to say hi.
Not that it got over crowded

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