Wind Generator |Refitting of the Boat

What we have done since Christmas 2012 to end of January 2013.


    1. Thank you Anyes, The boat is not ready yet and need more equipments and the expensive life raft I will keep update each month 🙂 … I started to learn how to fix things such fixing light, drill as long as it is not too complicate for me. I also excite and enjoy to read your blog. (just across from I like this space.

  1. Sounds like it was all fun in the end. When will you be taking it out to test? Wish I was there to go for a spin in it.

  2. Thanks very much for visting our blog and “liking” several of our posts. We hope that you will benefit from our experiences and news. You have a great boat. One word of advice: take lots of spares! You will never believe how often light bulbs, pump diaphragms, belts, hoses, and filters need replacing. Take extra shackles, line, and batteries. It is sometimes the smallest thing that causes the biggest problem. But most of all, enjoy the adventure!

  3. Alan, Peter, Bob
    You are welcome. I just read your blog about polynesian. Thank you so much for bringing up for useful suggestion. We will do bring some spare parts that your mention on. We hope the boat can fit in everything we needs including hundreds of corn beef 🙂 we heard about exchange it for fruits. Must visit back and read more from your blog.

    Prince Rupert direct sail to Marquesas Island? Non stop Hawaiian do you have any comment for this? Just want to know from your opinion.

  4. Hello James-Terri,
    Sorry about the unclear details that Steph will write it more for next time post about refit.
    This wind generator will help to make electricity and work great. The piece is heavy and will make sure it will not fall down. Yesterday I was investigated as it can run like a fast fan when have wind. I ask myself do I have to prepare a strong helmet if I must steer the boat like a safety uniform. 🙂

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