Sailing the Greek islands from Kythnos – Methana Peninsula – Vathy – Korfos

From Kythnos island to Methana Peninsula 

Log book 2024

25 May 2024 Untied the rope at 8.30 a.m. big fishing boat is gone. So is easy to lift anchor chain. Wind 5.5 kts, speed 7.5 kts Engine read 189 hours.We are heading to The Poloponnese (region).While passing a small island with several windmills there were many fisherman’s net all over like circle that need to be cautions. We arrived at Methana front entrance around 3 p.m. then tried to get into the Yatch Harbour (Methana Port) there is a big sign “Private area, only reservation” dock space is pretty full although boats mostly look not in the use so we have to exit to Ferry dock.



Methana Volcanic hot springs today written by

The crisis of Methana Baths written by

26 May 2024 stay a second night

Dock fees for 2 nights = 22 Euros not include water and electricity, Wi-Fi for EU cannot connected.
Mr. Cosmos, the harbour master, he specks very fast as Stephen hardly catch a sentence what he said. Lol.
He will drive a red car from Vathy village that we would like to go at first but is in the other side. He said that to come in before noon if not dock will be full. 

When I look up at hotels that closed down I Can’t help but think Methana is beautiful and charming in the past.

27 May at 10.30 a.m. appointment with custom office but system down. Cannot do TEPAI.

*TEPAI = All owners of recreational vessels, regardless of whether they are Greek residents or foreign visitors, are required to pay TEPAI if they plan to sail or dock their boat in Greece.

11.10 a.m. untie rope and leave ferry dock Methana NW wind 12-17 kts speed 7 kts 

Around 2 p.m. we approached the Vathy harbour. We stern tied docked at 2.30 p.m. of course our anchor failed a few times due to gusts of wind. Due to wind and very small harbour. In the evening sailboats can fit for 15 boats. ! Dock master is Mister Cosmos told us the day before it fitted 18 sailboats!! He look after both places, Methana ferry dock and Vathy village dock.

Vathy a small harbour

So funny, Very light wind. When we ready to focus to roll up headsail then gusts of wind blow. This caused us a bit struggling…As soon as we finished so wind stop. ?? When we turning the boat into small Vathy harbour and ready to anchor ⚓️ so gusts of wind coming back! Struggling to ⚓️ failed. Anyway thanks for people who helps us do sterns tied. After docked finished so the wind.

From Vathy a small harbour (Methana peninsula) to Korfos

Korfos (s/y No worries Moody stern tie anchorage in front of a well known Papa George restaurant.

28 May 2024 Leave Vathy village at 9.50 a.m. and docked in front of restaurant in Korfos. No charge for dock fees that we have to eat at this restaurant which is fair enough. To use water should ask a restaurant owner. Wifi4EU is fair-good signal. Dinner at Papa George.

29 May stay 2nd night in Korfos, dinner at Papa George