Get the boat ready before offshore


Hi there!

We are just arrived to Ladysmith today. This week we are arranging to  check  boat out and do the final preparations on Beautiful Swimmer before we go offshore into the Pacific Ocean.  Nanaimo and Ladysmith is our target place to get the boat ready.  Sources of Marine shop are here. Since we damaged the depth sounder transducer we have been trying to get the boat  lifted out of the water. It is not easy to find a facility here that can fit us in. Many are already fully booked for boat lifting. Finally we luckily got a  time  3 days time as space came available from a boat that canceled.

French Creek, 10 Hours from Campbell River. A real mix of Fishing Harbour and Pleasure craft. Very crowded and a mad house win summer. Small harbour and very crowded.

From French Creek to Nanaimo

Tuesday 6 May 2014 

Leave French Creek in the morning at 7.30 a.m. Sunny day

Only 4 days after we enter to the Strait of Georgia, our adventure seems to end for a while. Quite more relax but not excite. That is until our boat is in the area in front of the Navy station. There was a radio call from Canadian Navy to tell our boat to leave the area we were already in. Of course, It shows the message on the GPS “Munition Dumping Area Disused”  Danger Area  It is an active naval exercise area that had seen no action for weeks, until we arrived! So we try to steer the boat out of the area while watching the plane fly searching for submarines and surface ships racing about.


Arrived in Nanaimo and fill fuel around 13.00 hrs Very crowd in private Marina while the Government Marina is rather empty. We did check for moorage it cost $1.50 per foot for moorage. The weather is good so we decide to anchor and also to test Mantus anchor at the harbour area. Using dinghy to get to ashore to do shopping. There are some Wi-fi signals you can get free from this harbour.

The first place we went is the Marine shop nearby a supermarket and another one is West Marine. We have met Peter by recommended from his sister Jane  and her husband Richard from the North Coast Sailing Association. We take a dinghy to see him at the Yatch club Marina as he work there. He is generous and help us to get around town more easily by lending us his vehicle.

Jobs to do in Nanaimo

  • Change water tank {the old one is leaking}
  • Change a new Windex top of the mast {It is broken during the passage}
  • Get safety offshore inflatable lifejackets.
  • Boat lifting to fix the depth sounds that was not work. {After hit by a log at Hartley Bay} and Clean the Bottom before offshore.
  • Change a line for the headsail furler.

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Visit Harbour Marine Store near harbour and West Marine. At West marine we got safety offshore sail vest. We got off shore sail automatic inflatable PFD 35 auto very expensive price at West Marine} but Steve said we had to have.

Do some shopping and supermarket. Very warm and sunny day.

In the evening there are several sailboat in harbour to watch them sailing in the harbour.

So there we were minding our own business and all of a sudden we found our self in the middle of a yacht race. Obviously this lot are amateurs as they are lost before the race has begun.


One of my matees just bought one of these. Bloody quick and outpaced everything this evening including trio’s and bigger mono-hulls. Wonder how Mackle did this evening Kelowna Lake?

From Nanaimo to Ladysmith

Thursday 8 May 2014

 Our single side band Radio we did not set it up correctly. After contact with specialist Martin from Ladysmith. We Leave Nanaimo early at 8.30 a.m. The weather forecast today will be rain. Motoring pass through De Courey Group, Yellow Point and Coffin point before arrive at Ladysmith.” A decent wind so we open sail for about one hour before arrive Ladysmith.


Docked at Ladysmith Maritime Society. Moorage is $1 per foot. {included Wi-Fi, Laundry and shower, Power}

P.S. The manager is very helpful and bathroom is new and very clean. Unlimited shower and use a key card open 24 hours.  Very satisfaction! 🙂 I am sure there will be a photo spread tomorrow on the facilities here 🙂 It is bloody nice.

For about 100 yards Dodd Narrows is like a rapid flowing river. As i said before Luksana’s face was priceless.


I am smiling because of the worried look on Luksana’s face when we went into Dodd Narrows. Very tight, with a rapid current ,but safe.