Hang Out in La Paz

So we have to stay in the boat on the hard for a week. 

We were back to La Paz in late October. While the climate was hot in the high 30c.  We were told again and again that we were lucky and had just missed  truly hot weather of  previous months. Last year we did not experience this very warm climate because we arrived in December. There are not many cruiser around in summer because of the heat and hurricane season. Finally after being held ransom for 10 days Victor put the in water on the first day of November. Price to haul out is not cheap and cost to US dollar. $900 for haul out and being splashed again.

Last minute painting that is not the plan for us to do the paint as we had already paid for this but no written agreement. 

Abaroa Boat Yard   {26-31 October 2018}

leave the sailboat on the hard cost per month US $360 and to haul out into water cost US $ 900

The good point of Abaroa Boat Yard is it is possible to leave the boat to stay safe on the hard at the time we need. The disappointment is the delay of things that promise to be done. The boat yard did not provide water line to wash boat. The paint colour cost US$250 per gallon. To live and use the bathroom at the boat yard is not pleasant at all.

November 1st, 2018  Anchored in front of Marina Cortez. (water was not calm that day that made us sea sick.)

It was rough and the boat rolled in the strong wind and tide all night

Marina Don Jose Abaroa, La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico {2nd – 23rd November 2018}

Apparently this was to stop rebuilds taking over the dock. Very decent was Marina Don Jose.
Scott a long time resident helped with several jobs and his rates are fair

(Marina Don Jose located next door from Abaroa Boat Yard) 

  • Moorage per day US$ 30 (price included power, water not for drinking, wi-fi and key card to use shower room and gate, security 24 hours)

After one night anchorage in front off Marina Cortez we realized that boat covered with dust and it is hard to get things done. We both got sea sick from first day in the water. So need to find marina to dock. The marina that we interested was occupied and finally there is check out slip so that we can check in that day. 

So the boat need to clean, put on mail sail, head sail, life raft, all dry food that stored in a container most not good from too much dry and heat. A small bug also inside many package or vacuum dry food. Inside the boat was hot and so dry. It must be very hot in the past summer. Victor told us that the summer is already past now the weather is good. While he told us we were sweating with strong sun. 

We met Scott again and later he came to do some works for us and Stephen paid him in Pesos. Scott is a reliable person, honest and knowledgeable about the place here.

The first two weeks we went eat out until everything is set properly. Find out more eatery place and farmer market. 

21st November 2018 untied dock and say good bye to Scott. After we passing Palmira Marina so the bilge pump was working too often. Time to turn the boat back and find out what is wrong. Trip to Island is suspended. Anyway there is no fixed plan. In no rush. (Sin Prisa)

Mango ice cream from home made Ice cream shop

Thanks giving day at La Costa Restaurant. 

Just about to leave but couldn’t  leave.

Doce Cuarenta, Probably is the best coffee in La Paz near Farmer’s Market. This coffee shop do all kind of coffee in the size of restaurant. All kind of machine to roast a coffee. Also daily baked.  

Meet by chance with Rent Spent Crew Rob and Gina

Top rated delicious Ribs in La Paz  J & R Ribs We like the way the chef did the real French fries or sweet potato. A jug of beer is pretty surprised as well.

Buenas Tardes! not say Buenas noches yet. Is because sky is not complete dark. Waloo, Big security man told me. He was born in Texas but decided to moved back and enjoy life style in La Paz.

Malecon when you see this bird turn to the road to town a few blocks. To Best Ribs, Farmers market and The best coffee shop in La Paz.

Seven Seas Mega Yacht 282 ft. docked in La Paz

Marina Costa Baja, Fuel gas station

Knotty rope trick

B.B.Q. Beef and condiments
Polpo at La Costa Restaurant
Fish Taco

Ice cream shop
Marigament, She work at Club Cruceros for morning coffee. Friendly and helpful.
Sun Set at Malecon
La Paz Farmer’s market open every Tuesday and Saturday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Enchiladas with green sauce at Dock Cafe
Chili Relleno at Dock Cafe
Local coffee beans
Stephen said I eat octopus is the same that I eat golden retrievers.

Sea lion rest on dock at the entrance to Marina Cortez

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