The harmony of low season | Kos Island

Better late than never. This post is to continue from our previous post. After we left Nisyros island we stopped at Kos island after then sailing to Leros island to finished our cruising 2022.

Music by Anna {Instrumental}Places : Kos Island, Leros Island and Athens

The harmony of Low Season in Kos Island


Nisyros island to Kos Island 
sunday, 27th November 2022 
11.08 a.m. Leave Pali village, Nisyros island {mainsail and headsail with wind 5-6 knots} 
3.30 p.m. Docked at Kos harbour, Kos Island We leave the island of Nisiros. erroneous forecast Causing us to encounter strong winds and ships have to fight the waves for hours Kos island to Leros island {Lakki marina}
Friday, 2nd December, 2022 
08.30 a.m. Leave Kos harbour, Kos island 
03.00 p.m. Docked at Lakki Marina, Leros island. We had no intention of stopping at Kalymnos Island. Due to the wind forecast we must make time for mooring the boat. Whereas time is running out, we have to leave Greece.

Christian Parade in Lakki town, Leros Island

Famous Greek frappé

Friday 9th December, 2022 
08.30 a.m. Leave Lakki Marina 
10.15 a.m. Arrived Moor & Dock entrance and wait to haul out. 

p.s. In Lakki, there's nothing more fun than cycling down streets, fixing boats, drinking coffee in front of the shop and people-watching. Lakki Marina in low season is very quiet, dock master is off duty until spring next year.

Back to Moor & Dock boatyard with More than 20 ancient cats made this boatyard so liveable. The boatyard cats Also a great companion. Bakery vans come to deliver pastries as usual, the old atmosphere returns, twenty cats make friends and some come to take shelter under the boat during the rain. The cats here are so adorable. There's always a special character cat wherever we go. 
Tuesday 13th December 2022 
Leave Leros Island to Athens from the airport next to Moor & Dock boatyard. Got to tell you a story of this catastrophe. 

Our travel day at the airport next to Moor and Dock Boatyard is pretty crowded day. Until we figured it out that the flight on last Saturday was canceled. all those passengers must fly today. All seats were full. After check in the captain announced for all passengers will go with carry on but all passengers baggages will send to a ferry and will be arrived in Athens next day in the morning at around 8 a.m. 

Make sure to check weather forecast before Fly. 
Before you fly from / to Leros Island
- check weather forecast 
- small airplane {Olympic airline} can be canceled due to bad weather or windy. That means all passengers will be very crowded. Sometimes with windy still on the day you fly. when the captain decided not to carry passengers’s baggage on the plane but delivery to ferry. Ferry will travel overnight and arrive in Athens next day in the morning. If you have a connecting flight and cannot get your baggage in time. Therefore the airline will managed to send your baggage to your country destination. 
best wishes,

1 night in Athens

Tips to make it special …arrived in late afternoon or in the evening. So the place can be more interesting to find out next day. It was in low season so the hotel price is 50% discount. What make this trip so special is the view from the top of the hotel we stayed. Hotel Plaka.

The Harmony of low season in Athens

First time in Athens. We were impressed with the magnificent view. The building next to the hotel we are staying is about to finish and will open for service. It is an inviting and mesmerizing view. Not tourist time. Streets are not busy and very peaceful at night. Can you believe that we didn’t recharge our mobile phones or computers because inside Hotel Plaka rooms? There is no power outlet. However, for the dreamy view cannot complaints.

The Dolli at Acropolis the hotel next to Hotel Plaka planned to open during Christmas 2022.

Hotel Plaka at night with an inviting and mesmerizing view

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