Westport to San Francisco Bay


Day after day waiting for the new engine parts and then for good weather which never came our chance of getting south got narrower and narrower and did not get better. Reluctantly we decided to ship Beautiful Swimmer to somewhere in San Francisco Bay. Better than our other options of staying the winter or going back North.  Not in the plan and search for shipping company also hard because the boat location is not a big city. We did survey for quotation in many company and it takes time. Also no boat lift so we had to find a crane that strong enough for carry 20000 lb sailboat. Not easy and lots of communication. After we were back from Astoria for a break and we got a confirm from both truck company and crane man to do this work for us.

Take apart all installed equipment so it can fit into a truck and can get pass by a bridge.

A confirmation to do this job from a Truck transport together with a crane service gave only 2 days notice to unattached all parts above the deck. Start with take headsail out. Then mainsail. Then  bow stern and side rails all side. Then radar and wind generator. Later boom. Later electronic navigator life raft etc

Leave the mast to a crane service to lift.

Friday 11 November 2016
10.00 am Boat lifting by hydraulic crane service cost US $ 1,000
Truck a boat cost US $ 3,800 from Westport, WA to Alameda, CA
Another US $ 600 for boat lifting arrived in Alameda, Svendsen boatyard on next Monday.

Saturday 12 November 2016 leaving Westport, WA at 7 am David dropped us at Enterprise car rent in Astoria. As they ran out of economic car and we got a truck Ram 1500 to drive along the Oregon coast to San Francisco.

Sunday arrived Alameda and stayed at The Marina Village Inn (while boat is still on a truck and waiting for Monday service.)

 The Oregon Coast

Very beautiful and wild coast scenery
Highway 101 with a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean.
Ocean view house in Oregon coast
Newport of the Crab Fishing TV show Fame
Port Orford. Very windy wide open with the fishing boats lifted out onto a huge dock by cranes as too rough to stay in the water



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The Oregon coast is wild beautiful and with powerful winds that the trees along this coast are bent by the Pacific Wind. Sandy beaches stretch for many miles along the way. We seemed to drive for 2 days with beach after beach stretching away to the horizon.