San Evaristo to Loreto | Sea of Cortez

December 5, 2018

San Evaristo to Bahia Agua Verde

After we know about a forecast that not have a strong north wind for a few days so everyone that heading north SV ‘Desperado’ and SV ‘Karuna’ We lifted our anchor up after they left in advance. It seems that Wine maker, Chris and Coolet, French chef from sv Karuna is very slow. Where as Terry, a nuse and Steve with two crew friends John and Michel (Three of them are Californian fire fighters) went past ahead. We decided to head to Bahia Agua Verde because Luksana, Pain in the ass, need to get banana, Orange and lime. 

After 47 NM motoring with light NE wind. We arrived Bahia Agua. All day is cloudy day. 

Some disappointment that we did not stop to see many beautiful places in a guide book because winter storm that happening so frequency in winter and it will be difficult for us to find a good shelter for anchorage in north winds.

Wide open anchorage from the North is the first larger village that has stores and goat products for sale. (but we forgot about this)
After discovering a fuel leak I did a repair and then we left to head to a small town further North called Loretto.
Aqua Verde has a reputation for being a beautiful place. Unfortunately we caught it on a cloudy day so we did not see it on a good day.
The Journey North was very overcast, but the scenery was very striking

December 6, 2018

Bahia Agua Verde to Marina Puerto Escondido

Like scenery from a another world

Marina Puerto Escondido {December 6 – 20, 2018}

Mooring ball per week rate US$ 89.40 (1,809 Mex) so after you arrived in Marina if you preferred to spend your big money then go to first class dock and pay over $100 a night!!!. Also the bays that gave protection from the winds are private so you are not allowed to anchor!! Very strange but big American business wins here. Most sailors will pick their mooring ball to hook with your boat.  Included free wi-fi from the dock area.{Wifi signal power by solar panel so it has to be clear weather. Yes we had the cloud.) + Key card to pass the gate. without key card you cannot enter to facility area. 

Very nice shower room | Laundry room : (Laundry don’t need coins after you finish your laundry just tell the office how many load you use the machine it cost peso 50 for big load) Shower is a sweet treat here. The marina hire one woman staff to clean all day. So shower with toilet is always very clean and shine! Yes Scott make sure that we will stop at Marina Escondido. Yes we were here for 15 days.

Excellent Drinking water included at Dock and Lucio, Customer service specialist told us to feel free to wash your boat with the same drinking water. This marina produce a very clean and clear water. Beside the location with clean air than La Paz! you also can see a pretty fish swimming around Marina Dock. Pretty fish from a book. 

The mooring field is large so that it gets rough for small dinghies when the north wind blows

Marina dock

Very beautiful location

To Loreto


Propane refill station on the way to Loreto town

Shower room at the Marina

high class showers

Marina hire two landscape staff to look after all of this cactus.
Built as a government Fonatur Marina now operated for profit American Owners
Beautiful stunning area
S/V Karuna We met Chris and Coolet in San Evaristo.
Same scene different hour.

A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intend on arriving. -Lao Tzu

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