Victoria – Sidney – Victoria

Juan De Fuca Strait

We just back to Victoria today. Last week we left Victoria to Sidney and stayed there to completed installation a new navigation light on top of the mast. This second time round trip both Sidney and Victoria has delayed our date to leave Canada. We decided to bring the boat back to Sidney because we couldn’t complete this work in Victoria and in Sidney the location is close to marine shops. It took Stephen 2 attempts (2 days) to correctly attach the new light system an LED combined Tri-Navigation and Anchor Light. These lights are highly visible (very bright) 60ft in the air so much greater chance of them being seen above the wave and swell out in the Ocean. They also only burn 0.3 of an amp compared to the old ones that burned 1.5amps. This is an important consideration on the cold beer scale of necessities.

From Sidney to Victoria {Round trip}

Monday 9 June 2014

09.45 a.m. Leave Sidney to Victoria, Wind S/W with a mix of sun and cloud 15.10 p.m. In Victoria, Fill fuel and gas 16.00 p.m. Docked at The Inner Harbour


There is a story how important of the mast light middle of the Pacific. A single hand sailor sail without a night light mast on his boat. One another sailor’s boat could not see his boat in the dark. His boat that very close to make a crash of two sailboat if he did not light a cigarette and if another boat did not notice a small light in the darkness.

Besides the round trip we had some photos of the week we left from Victoria to work on the mast in Sidney.

Monday 2 June 2014

12.20 p.m. Leave The Inner Harbour Victoria to Sidney

Sidney 2-8 June 2014

Strong wind warning in Juan De Fuca Strait The navigation light is success working on Friday 6

During our second time stay in Sidney at Tsehum Harbour Authority we have got to know new people. Gabriel, he is French Canadian and lives many years at this dock on his sailboat. He was very helpful in pulling Steve to the masthead, not once but twice!!

Later we have got to know a couple Jawna and Roger Patey. They both completed many years of maritime life. First commercially fishing then Ocean Sailing and then as Chef and Skipper on Super Yachts, including many years in Fiji. One of their boats was the beautiful 112ft Sassafras Yacht. Jawna work for 9 years as a chef for the Kiwi family Luxury yacht and also Roger as a skipper for this 112 ft Yacht. We had a good chat about what they have been doing in The South Pacific and New Zealand and they gave us a special gift to carry on board for a safe trip and also ask us to bring some papers to people in Fiji who set sail from Victoria many years ago. They are still in Fiji, so we have a real cause to get there. Jawna gave us a saying to remind us to punch , through the tough times. “You already bought a ticket so you must go for the ride!” Their favourite quote for us. We have got great support from the family have been great support.  Also Marc from the Jonathan III, who we befriended last summer emailed us to see if we had left Rupert yet! He had just left from Mexico for the Marquesas Islands so the race is on.

So now the navigation light is work and we hope it will not stop working. We have done food shopping again in Sidney because in Victoria due to in tourist environment so it is difficult to do loading in public. Today we plan to leave Tsehum Harbour but it is not successful with a problem with the engine. {nothing is guaranteed what will make a problem for tomorrow} We will try again tomorrow to a quick visit again in Victoria.