Fast Thai Dish – Pad Thai

Pad Thai – ผัดไทย became a popular Thai dish since Luang Pibulsongkram, A Thai prime minister during 1930-1940 with a campaign to reduce rice consumption in Thailand.

Ingredients to make Pad Thai Chili Paste for 3/4 cup

For one serving will use about  1-2 Tbsp,Remark: The rest of Pad Thai chili paste and Pad Thai sauce keep in container and refrigerator

40 gr  Dry Big Chili Cut and soaked in hot water until soft  (weight before soak in water)
40 gr  Red shallot slices
65 gr (or 4 1/2 tbsp)  Water
100 gr (or 6 3/4 tbsp)  cooking oil


1. Preparation all ingredients start with cut dry large chili seed  and soak in hot water until it became soft. Then drain and blend chili with shallot and water together in food processor until fine.

2. Fry the blend ingredients with cooking oil until fragrant. Set aside.

Ingredients to make  Pad Thai sauce for 1 litre or 1,000 grams 

For one serving will use about 2 – 3 Tbsp, Keep the rest of Pad Thai sauce in container and refrigerator

454 gr – 500 gr  Tamarind in Package

1 litre  Water

4 Tbsp  Fish Sauce

454 gr – 500 gr  Palm Sugar


3. Bring Tamarind and water to a boil and use a strainer to get tamarind juice.

4. In a sauce pan add tamarind juice and palm sugar, let it boil until palm sugar dissolve then seasoning with fish sauce.

Pad Thai Ingredients  for 1 large portion or 2 small portions

Make egg crape to wrap Pad Thai by use nonstick pan brush little oil, beat 1-2 Eggs, pour beaten egg to hot pan and let it run through a round pan until the bottom is brown, Transfer to a ramekin.

60-70 grams  Rice Noodles {Rice sticks} made in Thailand (blanch in boiling water 30 sec.) drain

1 Tbsp fine chopped shallot

1 Tbsp  Fine chopped pickled Turnip

10 gr-30 gr  Dice Firm Tofu

50 gr – 150 gr Prawns/shrimps Dice and keep 2-3 shrimps for garnish

2 Tbsp  Cooking oil plus 1 Tbsp more

1 Table spoon Pad Thai Chili paste

3 Tables spoon Pad Thai Sauce

50-80 gr  Bean Sprouts  {see how to make home grown sprouts here}

10-30 gr  Chinese chives cut 1 1/2 inches long (if cannot find chinese chives like me sometime I replace with spring onion or western chives)

1-3 Eggs {Add more 1-2 eggs for egg crape}


5. Use a wide cast iron pan if possible.

6. Heat a pan to medium hight heat, add oil till hot add shallot,  turnip, tofu, prawn fry until fragrant and prawns are cooked then set aside in a pan.  Add blanch rice noodles following with pad Thai chill paste and pad Thai sauce, stir the sauce with noodles.

7. Add water if it is dry little by little, stir rice noodle until it cooked by notice that the noodle became soft or taste the texture of noodle is not hard. Now adjust the heat to high heat and make a well in middle of a pan add little bit of oil, break 2-3 eggs in middle of well let it set a little while  then stir only the eggs before stir with all ingredients. Add vegetables, peanut and stir all  together. Turn of the heat and Transfer pad Thai to egg crape and wrap, serve on plate with condiments.

In Thailand Pad Thai will have additional condiments for seasoning because each person will have different preferences for taste.

Additional condiments are granulated or brown sugar, fish sauce, fine ground dried chili, lime wedge, bean sprouts, banana blossoms, chinese chives, crush peanuts) 

Pad Thai is  a combination of many ingredients that when blended together create  one of the popular dishes of the world.

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  1. I have been to Thailand two times. I stayed at the Bangkok Oriental, the food is awesome. I love hot spicy foods, but Thai food is really hot!!!!!I love it. Thanks for the recipes.

    1. Thank you for your comment! I was trained at the Oriental for year. I am glad to know that you like Thai cuisine. I would like to put more recipe when I can. If you like Pad Thai please see ‘Pad Thai Revised’ 🙂

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