Anchorage in La Paz, b.c.s

La Paz, Sailor destination seems too overcrowded this years. As many boats are still coming in most anchorages and all docks are full.
December 2021

‘Sorry all dock slip are fully booked” 
“We don’t know when it is available.”
”can you email us and give your information to this name card”.
”can you call to check again middle of March 2022” some boat May leave a few days 
“Marina Fonatur has 3 years waiting list” Scott, a mechanic who live here  told us.

Looking to have a comfortable dock at the Marina like it used to be in La Paz May be extremely difficult this year. More sailboats anchorage outside the marina and many of them are on waiting list.

After BS launched into water we are still anchorage next to the Marina Cortez.

As we know, the number of boating is increasing in year 2021 all over the world. The demand to rent a dock is increasing. This year after marina Puerto Escondido decided to clear out sailboats and keep only 30 buoys with new rate. Many sailboats came to La Paz. We can says that we cannot get into dock at marina because many reasons :-

1. With more boats from outside arrival. 
2. Most boats are permanent dock at the marina with long contract. 
3. This year the marina Puerto Escondido in Loleto decided to get rid of more sailboat and currently keep only 30 buoys so they can service only supper luxury yacht. Then many of sailboat came to La Paz. 
4. Baja Haha 2021 booked early in advance and they decided to stay longer. If one boat leave so it will probably cannot have a chance to dock again.

We recheck with marina office again but the answer is the same. Like a nightmare that the mainland marina have the same fully booked until early February at the earliest if boats leave. Since all routes are still closed it does not look good.  

Art of the sea

Log book 
5 November 2021 
Back to La Paz and stayed a few nights at Posada Luna Sol, 2 minutes walk to the Marina Abaroa Boat Yard. The reason to do this is because inside the boat full with all boat gears. 
It have been 18 months and recently everything just reopen here. 

8 - 16 November 2021
After moved all luggage into  beautiful Swimmer. You can feel dust that came from boat grinder. Yes Victor moved BS to stand in middle of other boats that his staff is working on. Everyday we listened to a machine grinder, inhale dust and sweating because the air was quite warm. Luckily Stephen carry ice maker machine he ordered in Canada to use here. The machine work well when temperatures is not too warm. The boat yard did not have facilitys to use such clean bathroom. Never mind no shower no problem. We count about 3 days when it is the time to get shower at near by Marina. 
Anyway the boatyard is opposite “Bandido grills” a popular big burger that you will forget about Mc Donald. One evening we eat giant burger and I just could not move and sleep right way after got back to the boat.

17 November 2021 Launching day!

Launching day is always excited

Victor carrying a cup of coffee in his hand while control at marine travel lift with his father, brother and staffs. There is no space to dock so he said that we can tie up BS to boat ramps. The problem when the tide down will lean BS one side into concrete. Stephen is afraid that the pressure can destroy the rigging as the boat sides are below the launch jetty concrete rails. . So we tried to make the boat balance in middle by hang two jugs of water container swing the other side. Yes it did help. At least it help the boat not to crush with concrete ramp.

17 November 2021 to present - Anchorage in front of Marina Cortez
Farmers market day is on Tuesday and Saturday from 8 am till 2 p.m. across the street of Malecon. Dinghy is a good way to the market. Is not a big market like Guaymas or Mainland

Taste in La Paz which place is good ?👍 mostly near by Marina Cortez
Bakery, Bread  : Dolce Romeo 
Coffee : Doce Cuarenta Coffee & Bakery
Fresh herbs produce : Farmers market near Malecon {Tue & Sat from 8 a.m.-2 p.m.
fresh food : Centro Super Mercado
burger : Bandido grills
Pizza : Fuego y Leña
Mexican food that always busy with local : Mariscos El Toro Güero
Beach : Estrella Del Mar 
Famous by travel magazine : Nim
Classic : Dock cafe 

See you next post.