Monterey Bay to Morro Bay

28 September 2017

Greetings from Morro Bay,

One day and overnight motoring passage made us here in Morro Bay.

P.S. Extended our stay at Monterey bay (19-26/09/2017)


No wind. We motoring Beautiful swimmer for 20 hours estimates for all day and all night) It was a long day with strong sun and had to steer the boat all night. The boat arrived at the Estero bay around 4 a.m. So we have to wait until dawn to get entrance to Morro Bay. Not sure to anchor or tie the boat which place. Called the harbor office and she told us to come to the yacht club.


Log book

Monterey Bay to Morro Bay (20 hours motoring without wind)

Wednesday 27/09/2017

08.00 am Leave Monterey Bay Marina

Point Pinos

08.45 am Passing Point Pinos

09.13 am Point Joe

09.50 am Cypress point, then Carmel canyon, Carmel bay, Point Lobos, Soberanes Point, Kasler Point

A scenery of Central California coast.

Passing Point Sur

01.15 pm Pt. Sur, then Cooper Point, Pfeiffer pt, Partington pt.

06.00 pm Lopez Point, then cape San Martin, point Sierra Nevada

06.30 pm. Sunset and prepare for warm cloth for overnight steering.

11.00 pm Point Piedras Blancas (San Simeon sounds a nice place to anchor but not in the dark time. We must keep continue to Morro Bay) I change to steer every 3 hours.

4.00 pm Arrived at Estero Bay but still too early and dark to navigate the entrance to Morro Bay. We wait until 6 am

6.00 am Motoring to Morro entrance, A giant Morro Rock outstanding infront of the entrance. Sunrise and foggy around the bay. We are a bit lucky to get in while foggy is clear for one moment and later a thick fog is coming back and hard to see.

The Yacht Club at Morro Bay can only have about 4 sailboats then dock will be fulll and the rule is give the space for the member of Pacific Yacht Club first. We are just got in a right time that only one sailboat was there so they don’t mind to let us dock. Take a walk to look around restaurants and shops but no grocery store. I stock some vegetables from Local in Monterey.

Morro Bay Yacht Club

Moorage : The Morro Bay yacht club charge US$ 25 per night with key for spotless shower room. Free Wi-Fi

The entrance to Morro Bay
Morro Bay after the sun set.