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Dear Readers and friends,

To Pack and untie the lines to leave this dock seemed so easy for us. Unfortunately nothing is simple. With all the paper work and then medical ops for Stephen things have gotten delayed. The weather is showing no signs of being kind so we took the advantage to do more preparation and work on the boat. This post is rather technical.  To remedy the problems what we have found and what is going on in the past two weeks. When will we leave? Everyday our friends keep asking the same question. I have remember this question since the last July 2013 onward. We will let you know.  Real soon now!  Best wishes


Mast |Continued from previous post



Wind generator taken off to be fixedDSC_2469

We were noticed that wind generator does not work properly. It was very loud noise when it catch the wind. We use four wind generator which is powerful to make energy for the boat.

Steve changed the bearings and put new brushes in. Allan our friend from the dock,  has use the same Four Winds  generator and he knows how to make it work properly. Allan drove up from Smitthers after he say good bye to us many times.


 Winches checked | taken apart cleaned and greased.

One day Rolf came up to our boat and noticed about the winches had  not been properly installed. He then volunteered to check it. This lead to him completely stripping all the winches  and clean and greased them. He work very quickly and took them  apart, cleaned, then attached them back together. I can compare it to like watching a  cooking show.



More photos




“A ship is safe in harbour, but that’s not what ships are for.”

― William G.T. Shedd








  1. Wow! Great that you caught these before leaving. I guess they don’t have a AAA or CAA once you’re out on open water. Keep well and keep safe.

  2. You’ve had the patience of a monk. I know you just want to get off and go sailing already. So glad you guys are taking all precautions. Hoping all will be set for sailing soon.
    x Laura

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