Symi Island, A Jewel of The Aegean Sea

Song : Πάνω απ’ όλα (Pano ap’ ola) meaning Above all( เหนือสิ่งอื่นใด ) singer : Michalis Hatzigiannis

“The gladdest moments in human life, me thinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands.

Sir Richard Burton

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Thursday 10th November, 2022

10.05 a.m. Leave Pali village harbour, Nisyros island 
04.44 p.m. Docked in front of Pantelis Restaurant, Symi Harbor 

The island is located in the southern Aegean Sea before Rhode Island and close to Turkey. Stephen asked if I wanted to sail around the island. By going the same route of ferry around Nimos Island or alternatively through a narrow channel only 5 meters deep.

We agreed to pass through the strait and see the shallowness of the sea floor. The clear blue contrasts with the dark coral floor.

After we arrived on Symi island, check in with port police on the 10th and check out on the 15th of November 2022] 5 nights

Symi harbour

power : not available | Portable water : not available | Wifi : Free Symi social wifi

So we stay only for 5 nights with above reasons.

When we first arrived in Symi harbor we wasn’t sure which side is best to dock. The first night we docked right in front of the Pantelis restaurant {we later found out that this restaurant is quite famous and very busy in summer}. We walked to find Port Police to report that we had arrived at the island in order and due to its close proximity to Turkey. We often asked if we are from Turkey with the solemn expressions of the port police.

City view of Symi has bright yellow colors tone and 50% of the owners are foreigners especially British and Italian.

Solar panels can’t generate electricity where we docked in front of the popular Pantelis restaurant. Next day, we moved to opposite side to receive sunlight.

Next day after we move s/y No worries Moody to the other side just in the middle of the Navy ships.

Talk about a Danish-flagged navy ship. It is part of the EU that sends sailors from Denmark to aid in the security of Greek territorial waters. Prevent illegal immigrants from Turkey There were two of those boats at that time. The tourist season is very busy. The danish sailors said the harbour is vey crowded and crazy.

Shops and all restaurants it is said with the same voice that when the tourist season. Every store was packed with customers and barely had time to breathe. I imagine following in addition, if the boat comes to dock at the port, there will be an additional charge. As for the off-season, local people have the opportunity to relax. Sit and sip coffee in the morning and chat with neighbors in a relaxed atmosphere like at this time.

Staying only 5 nights, we didn’t feel like renting a motorbike up the mountain. But would like to get to know symi harbor. We feel the waves every time a big ferry comes to dock. And watching the people go by is a different kind of pleasure.

In the morning we can walk to get pastry from nearby shop. One of the nicest dessert and ice cream among islands.

Symi meat market, The only one we have found with a very good reputation and attentive butcher.

16th November 2022

10.30 a.m. fuel at fuel station it cost 388 euros or ~ can$ 560 for 160 litres.
04.30 p.m. Docked on Nisyros island {stay until 26th November 2022} = 11 nights
27th November 2022 
08.30 a.m. Leave Nisyros Island to Kos island 

our next post : Stop at Nisyros Island and Kos Island before returning to Leros{to End our cruising 2022}