Anchorage in Sea of Cortez | Loreto to San Juanico area to Punta Pulpito

Friday 21st December, 2018

From Marina Puerto Escondido to Isla Coronado

Flat calm day after waiting for the North wind to settle down for a week. It had been very windy with the water becoming surprisingly rough inside the anchorage. We decided to leave Marina Puerto Escondido to Isla Coronado to anchorage over night before the wind start soon. Finally we did not anchor in front of the beach because the north wind but on the south side anchorage.

Sail south would be more easier.
In the middle is Marina Puerto Escondido
Isla Coronado at the time we approached was windy. We anchorage only one night and leave next day.
The background of Loleto Town from Isla Coronado

Saturday 22nd December, 2018

From Isla Coronado to San Juanico area

San Juanico Area {December 22-26, 2018}

San Junico area was not in the plan to stop at first. To escape from strong wind so we decided to see the place if we can anchor. There are three beaches and just a a few small 4 wheel drive campers made it here due to this sight is far from highway. Campers who came here told us about Bahia conception that is too crowd for them. Bahia conception is connected to highway so filled up with campers.

Later on we started to connected with this place. A spectacular landscape with a few sailboats and few campers. Also has a tidy organic farm set in the desert landscape, where we can get very fresh eggs, cilantro, Jalapeño and romaine lettuce at reasonable price.

Fresh water slew just back from the beach
BS anchored off her own private beach Christmas Day 2018
Gee a crowd on one of the beaches we will have to complain to the management
The bay had many eroded sandstone cliffs

So the only one Organic farm is hidden in middle of desert.

SO how about play find Luksana in the Desert on Christmas Day!!!!
I know she went some place, head for the fresh veg and organic eggs
No idea what they are but Luksana said you can eat them. Sad swap for a Turkey dinner
I no Espanol, You no Ingles look for crazy Thai women?
One of a few other boats that was on its way south
What nightmares are made of!
Orange in hand means happy Thai Lady

We trapped in San Juanico area when Christmas Eve arrived. There are few sailboats anchorage not far from each other. A couple Californian they enjoy fishing and share fish. A German boat with 3 crew and Catamaran with German wife and British husband with daughter and her girl friend. Erika from Catamaran, yes we saw her boat before anchored in Marina Puerto Escondido invited us to join Christmas Eve dinner on the beach. She brought her charcoal grill to cook potato, fish….while another sailboat provides fresh caught fish Sierra, Garoupa. Some diving and get few scallops and make baked a German cake. Mine…spicy noodles.

Strange place for a Christmas get together but cruisers from Britain German US Canada Thailand shared a great evening and a wonderful Moonrise over the Sea of Cortez
Christmas Eve

December 26th, 2018

From San Juanico area to Punta Pulpito

Punta Pulpito is the only shelter before reach to Bahia Conception. Sceanary with stunning Rock that you can hike up to the top. We cannot even get to shore due to dinghy will rip apart with sharp barnicle on shore. We anchored here only one night before leave early morning before the wind arrive.

This big rock is a fair anchorage in Strong North Winds. We could not get ashore due to the combination of wave surge , rubber dinghy and razor sharp barnacles
Zoom or look carefully and you can see the crew of Makara on the top of the rock.
S/V Makara accompany to make sure we will be alright. We actually beat them up for a Dawn start. They did us a great Kindness in following us as our engine was not behaving well so they stayed behind us all day.

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