Hideaway anchorage on Isla Espiritu Santo and Partida | Sea of Cortez 2022

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Dear readers,

This post is to continue from our previous post. After several days of anchoring at Bahia Falsa. We set sail to Isla Espiritu Santo which is about 19.6 NM. from Bahia Falsa


Friday 7th January 2022 Leave Bahia Falsa to anchorage on Isla Espiritu Santo and Partida

Tuesday 11th January 2022 Leave Isla Espiritu Santo to anchorage at Bahia Falsa
Wednesday 19th January 2022 Leave Bahia Falsa to Isla Espiritu Santo

As soon as we turn Beautiful Swimmer into the anchorage it feeling quite strong wind. We’re reminded of Scott’s warning about gusts of wind. The wind came from different directions. There are about six boats out there.

Sailing from Bahia Falsa to Isla Espiritu Santo

Quite disappointed not see anyone on the island, houses closed. The man who guarded the island was not there. This anchorage is a place where I like to wake up in the morning to sip a cup of coffee and watching big sea turtle swim around the boat. This year 2022 is different that we hardly see any sea turtle compare to other years before.

19th - 23rd January 2022 Anchorage on Isla Espiritu Santo and Partida. 

Catastrophe moment was happened [2nd trip] after anchoring when turn off the engine then engine starter battery switch is broken from control panel.

So bypassed the switch and checked that they did not get hot. Worked perfect by connecting them together and using the starter key as normal. We will replace in fall. —-Stephen R.

14 Days anchorage On Isla Espiritu santo and Partida

American oystercatcher

Monday 24th January 2022 Anchorage on Bahia San Gabriel before sail back to Bahia Falsa

Bahia San Gabriel has a very long white sand beach and panka boats take tourist to see birds areas. Beach is pretty shallow and we have to change anchorage spot to get Telcel wifi signal. Scott later told us that at Bahia San Gabriel is prohibit for sailboat to anchorage. It is to reserved for Panga.

weather forecast need help!!

Hideaway anchorage

One day of sunshine and the rest windy.
The clouds shattered, a sign ahead of a strong wind today. This year we got zoleo, to help with weather forecast via satellite by email or text. Yes, it works!

Message from Mike

Too late Mike…We are here in the North Side and could not move or get out of the boat. {Mile is in Prince George, Canada time}
Isla Espiritu Santo and Partida
Canceled the crossing to San Blas
Friday 28th January 2022 Stephen sign boat contract to put BS on concrete yard at Marina Fonatur La Paz. {After helping release the sea turtles from the previous post. A week later after we tried our last call to Marina Fonatur La Paz at Bahia Falsa and Missi, a secretary told us that she has 1 spot because one boat just want to finish the contract.  Also Stephen doesn't want to cross over to San Blas with many reasons. Although Kirstyn and Jerin {SV Sunshine III} trying to help us negotiate a docking space with Marina Fonatur San Blas. In the end we lost hope because the marina dock and boatyard in San Blas is already full. 

It feel like to lift the mountain from the chest. We feel that this is the best news. For all the two and a half months we were worried because most Marina were full of mooring and no space available on boat yard. This happened just one week after we safe sea turtle.

Eat like local at El Estadio Tacos Really good!!

Our 3rd visit finally the fishermen are back to work on the camp. Yes they are the same group of fishermen from 2 years ago. After I greeted, the same fisherman opened a cooler with different types of fish for me to choose from. I was considerate. Just two were enough. I paid with joy.

Explore the Blue footed boobie. We motoring up north for a few miles to see if we can Anchorage and explore the famous birds “Blue footed boobie”. But to anchorage on small leg beach could not be better than our favourite spot. Non protection from west wind. It is ok we will try to find Blue footed boobie next time.

Valentines dinner with Jim {Left} He is looking for a female crew to sail back from La Paz to San Diego {Prefered female who can cook, eat fish-octopus and diving}.
1st February 2022  Leave Bahia Falsa to Anchorage in La Paz Harbour

2nd February 2022 Leave La Paz Harbour to anchorage in Bahia Falsa
11th - 13th February Isla Espiritu Santo 

14th February 2022 sail from Isla Espiritu Santo to Marina Palmira.

What a coincidence! Like destiny we meet Jim {SV Aeolus} by chance at Marina Palmira. We first met Jim when we anchored in front of the Marina Cortes. Until before Christmas our lost contact with Jim for a month and a half We didn't know he was moored here, In the same zone that we just arrived. So we had Valentines dinner together near the marina. 

20th March 2022 Stephen sail BS to Marina Fonatur La Paz.
Monthly rate to put BS on Concrete boat yard  = CAN$ 350 per month {marina will let you organised and you are allowed to stay only one night inside your boat} you cannot do boat work here but can hire Marina worker to do so.  Marina Fonatur Lapaz is part of environment care.

P.S. To tie boat on marina dock is likely always fully booked that you have to write on waiting list ahead. 

Thank you for reading and traveling with us.
Travel lift Beautiful Swimmer to store in boat yard at Marina Fonatur La Paz