In touch again


Greetings from Cowichan Bay!

We have moved from Maple Bay. First to Genoa Bay for 2 nights  and then to Cowichan Bay today. Yesterday the place we anchored was very windy and the wind generator worked well. The climate is warm but there is still wind so I must keep my jacket on. Oliver supported us with transportation while docked on Southern Vancouver Island. The distance from Marinas and anchoring places to the supermarket is far in Thetis Island, Maple Bay and Genoa Bay. So it was great that Olive made time to help out each day. He has known Stephen for over 30 years.

Ladysmith to Thetis island  

Tuesday 20 May 2014 Ciao Ladysmith

Leave at 13.30 p.m. engine is still overheating !

17.45 p.m. Arrived at Thetis Island, docked at Thetis Island {Pub} Marina we leave early before the office open.

Thetis island to Maple Bay 

Wednesday 21 May 2014 Leave Thetis Island at 7 a.m. Passed sheard Point at 8.45 a.m. speed 4.7 k

09.45 a.m. Arrived at Maple Bay, the government dock is old school. No office, no wifi, no facilities, no power or water line. Surprised! next day a small pocket bill drop to our boat for $23.95 … We are asked to drop off at office some place inland? Er we have a boat? Anyway on wards to our next destination.

Maple Bay to Genoa Bay

Thursday 22 May 2014 09.45 a.m. Fill fuel diesel and gas cans 10.00 a.m. Leave Maple Bay 12.30 a.m. Arrived at Genoa Bay and  icon-anchor

Friday 23 May 2014

Windy day and wind generator working so well. We check our Offshore Provisions. Our count shows 25 corn beef  cans are showing surface rust from winter condensation. Inside the can is still good so tear plastic off and all would be Stephen’s travel food. We will keep the good can for trade. Oliver visited at our boat everyday and sometimes brought us a nice smoked salmon he made. Yes he did taking care of us for shopping around the town.

Response to the ocean: Each day each person make trash to the world about 2 kg/person/day. On land : I feel worry about our food waste to not harm the ocean.

2 persons on board for one months 2x2x30=120 KG. In Pacific ocean: We must keep and wash can food keep in the bag and wait until reach the land to recycle. All the plastic will wrap tight together until reach the land.

Genoa Bay to Cowichan Bay at Government Marina

Saturday 24 May 2014 

At Cowichan government marina charged us 85 cents per foot which included Wi-Fi and  service. {Cleanliness is fair} Nearby you can walk to one nice bakery shop, grocery and wine shop, restaurants. More photos tomorrow:-)

Thank you for follow up our blog post.