Lesson in Canadian Camp cooking

Location: Waterlily Bay, Terrace, British Columbia. Hosted by our friend Susie. I have been asked to host Thai gala night this summer, this is when the climate is real humid and full with mosquitoes it should be in July or August.

It seems half of the wood is already used by make a fire both for cooking or just to keep warm.

But Tonight Susie plan to make Barbecued Chicken so I assist her as usual with my target to get golden brown chicken. Let me take care these chicken.

So relax and takes time until we will see the best barbecue chicken. With my thought that

my first time cooking with forest wood fire.

Everything seemed to be fine at first, but then as the chicken grease and wood heated up, I had a problem! So the Thai Chef gets a lesson on how to flame broil chicken LOL. Finally Susie became a fire fighter.