One more job done |New anchor chain

Dear Readers & friends, There are more about 15 lists to do for the final preparation and thank you for your patient.

  • Anchor chain just changed

Regarding for dock equipment.  We just changed to a new anchor chain that length 80 metres. (250 feet) The reason to change the chain is because the many of the anchorages we will stay at on our ocean journey  are  filled with coral that is sharp and very abrasive to the rope portion of our old anchor rode. So we have replaced with the heavy 400 pounds (181 kg) all chain rode.

  • Bon appetite for eagle and food on board

Prince Rupert is a very popular destination for salmon fishing. There are many eagles around here to catch salmon and the location here is closed to the fish factory. There are many commercial fishing boat came back with many fish. We can often see eagles catch salmon itself and consume near our boat. Do you know that when eagle caught the salmon the talons  stick until it can land and downward pressure  will release the talons. Hope you like these pictures of eagles I took the other day. DSC_0185 DSC_0184 DSC_0183 DSC_0181 DSC_0180 DSC_0178 DSC_0175 DSC_0173 Near the harbour there is one fish and chips shop that has cod and halibut available. ‘Bob on the Rock’ open only in summer. This shop makes a good  Halibut fish and chips (better than many places in town) The price per 2 pieces with plenty of french fries and mini cabbage salad is CAD $ 15 included tax. The quality is worth the price.

  • Cooking in galley

We never go fishing salmon.  Sometimes a generous friends will give us some salmon from their caught.  There are many big salmon that temptation from the commercial boat beautiful silver skin.  Recently I checked the price of salmon in nearby supermarket for one salmon is about CAD $30 which is quite pricy. P.S. Prince Rupert is Farm fish free this may be a reason people travel far to come  fishing here. The most embarrassment thing I ever done at the dock is early catching season one day I had asked a commercial boat man for a halibut head for my cooking and It make me feel really embarrassment and not to do it again.

See you on next coming post : Do it yourself a second-hand dodger : Do it yourself  a refrigerator for galley


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