Snowbirds Display in Prince Rupert

Hello there!

Today we had a once in a lifetime to see the Famous Canadian Airforce acrobatic team “The Snow Birds”.   I left Steph to his eyes in silicon and epoxy fixing the boat winds and got these wonderful  fresh photos of Snow Birds display in Prince Rupert Harbour. What a grey day! The climate is absolutely grey and cloudy but the Canadian Air force did a great thrilling display that took about one hour with all acrobatics. Many seabirds also fly in the sky and it is pretty the same shape of the plane  as if they are part of the team. That was a little bit of funny that I wasn’t sure it was bird or plane while take a picture. The display was impressive! so I then add the last song ‘fly high’ to this post. Hope you enjoy it too. 🙂


  1. Thanks! I saw them many years ago both here in Winnipeg and in Windsor, Ontario. They are very inspiring.

  2. You are welcome Ashok! This display inspired me very much too. Lots of rain this week… well we want to finish leftover works 🙂

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