French Polynesia visa

Who need a visa to French Polynesia?
As our sailing journey first target place to stop will be at the Marquesas islands( Îles Marquises).  French Polynesia is one overseas islands that control a visitor. Using a Thai Passport, of course I have to make an appointment with the French consulate in Vancouver.   Also there is a strict rules that I cannot make an appointment for visa in advance of  3 weeks before the travel and the appointment only make by online. Please check it out Here for more information about visa for French Polynesia.
Canadian or The American citizenship doesn’t need a visa for French Polynesia if you stay less than 90 days. The European Union Passport is special that not need visa and can stay longer than other. (365 days)

So After I have done for all document the visa requested for. As  I am not an expert in Vancouver city, I chose the hotel that I can walk to the Consulate General of France, which is located on the West Pender street. …………….so I stayed overnight here at The Empire Landmark hotel.


There is one nice Italian cafe nearby and  opposite side of the French consulate, Pender street. To kill boring time with  Spanish coffee & chocolate croissant + newspaper.

………………….09.45 a.m. I was quit from the coffee shop right to the building again.

I stand in front of the office, Suite 1100 (11th floor) – 1130 West Pender street

Press a call button in front of the door that closed then a security guard answer and let me in while he check my paper that including my passport and my appointment paper.  Everything is okay then I can take a seat.

I was concerned before the interview because most of my paper were not original. (As it mention for original plus copy each) Documents will gave to interviewer to check for a few minutes.  Then she call and ask for a few question. Finally the interviewer smile with a good mood and said all documents is fine. She just need more a copy of The European Union Passport from boat captain.

Pay for CAD $ 12.30 for the fees (three months or short stay visa) which compare to the trip to come for this interview that cost about CAD $900). The photo in visa requirement requested exactly two photos but infact I gave only one photo. An interviewer will make a new shoot with face recognition camera just after the fees was paid.

At the end the visa section needed my passport with an envelope write on your address for the visa in passport to send it back to you. I cannot give my passport because I must fly back at the same day and will mail to the visa section later.  I can smile and explore the rest of the day.

French Polynesie