Wild Rose + Boys are (Not) in Town

Hello there,

Each year in June, Wild roses present their wild beauty again in different part of the world and including in Pacific Northwest.  Wild rose are spread widely and flower last long only for one month then we will see them blooming again next spring in June.  The mild fragrant smell and petal are so delicate and pretty on their own nature. The fact that wild rose is free from pesticide and born natural, I like to cut some of wild roses and put in bedroom for a good sleep.

Rosa acicularis



Boys are (not) in town,

Whisky and Muddy  came back to visit and stay with us. We brought them to Vetter Falls that we took Maisie before. Water had risen and they both are enjoying  the challenge. There is current in some part and it is shallow. We make sure that they are playing safe.

Wish all of you a nice summer.


    1. Thank you Liveblissful. Do you believe that they are family and friends’s owner. We have them most of time when they on vacation but so much fun with these doggies. (I provided entertain for them) I like your dogs too they are lucky to smell good food everyday. 🙂

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