Boat Gear & Price | This project

List of equipments for this project we have finished and on going so far.

Windless $1,250

Anchor chain (250ft) $1,350
Anchor 45 lb Mantus $600
6 man liferaft $3,450 (Sponsored)
Solar 100amp x2 , wire , controller and monitor $2,300
Wind generator and tower, wire $1,000
New batteries (golf) $900
Garmin charts $1,000
iPad and navionics charts $850
Ais standard horizon + Aeriel’s etc $550
ARC plb x2 top of the line $900
Cape Horn self steering $4,000
Folding bikes x2 $360
Auto helm $400
LED lights in and out $600
Ssb radio and pactormodem and stuff $2,000
Engal fridge freezer conversion and stuff$1,500
Kat. water maker $2,000
All the crap to stick this stuff on $2,000
First mate………a bloody fortune lol.

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