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Bigger anchor

Greetings from Prince Rupert,

This spring break week in Prince Rupert  climate has changed several times in one day. Spring always arrive later. If you are planing to do outdoor work like we plan to paint the bottom of Beautiful Swimmer you must postphone for 5 days for a good weather. Painting in freeze rain was not a good as we experienced from last time. The wind and rain that mess our painting colour. so the plan must be suspend until the rain, hail and snows stop for one day.

With our plan of Pacific crossing 4,000 nautical miles we just change to new anchor today. The weight is 23 kg. We are busy getting all the pieces ready for the boat. In a year or two we should have everything completed.  So we have done a big organization of the cabins only 2 more to go and then we are finished.

To visit The Mantus Anchors press here.

Demonstration Video 🙂

Projects for this week to do.

  • Clean and Paint the bottom of the boat.
  • replace 4 through hulls
  • Install new refrigerator unit.
  • 4 days no problem.
  • then the water maker
  • then the mast steps
  • then !!!!!!!!!!
  • 2 years! 🙂


    1. Thank you Laura for stopping by. This big anchor is heavy and we hope it will work good as we seen in the video of product. 🙂

    1. thank you ForesterArtist. Well there are still many things must be done. the climate is very important and sometimes the forecast gone wrong. If there is something not going right, The Golden will always be on your side.

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