Sailboat – D.I.Y. refrigerator/freezer

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Regarding to the boat galley which did not have a refrigerator and we wanted to have one in the galley. At least now we can get a cool drink :-). The process was to build a small refrigerator (also a freezer) with a power produce by wind generator and solar panel that charge the battery.

Staying at the private dock we don’t worry about battery but when we are out in the ocean somewhere far we will make sure the fridge can work well so we ordered two parts from Engel fridge-freezer conversion and stuff which contains a compressor and condenser. Anyway how to increase the installation it is difficult. There is an extra heavily insulated wooden board we build for top of the fridge. Also the insulation which was only 1 1/2 to 2 inches is now between 4 and 6 inches. This was a messy and very awkward job using insulated board and foam.

Our special thanks to the workshop from The Argosy, Prince Rupert

Cooking in galley

Decided for a long stay on board, cooking in galley is a limited space so we keep less ingredients.  The cooking pan may use only 1-2, if use more there is no space to put on. What a challenge! A pressure cooker is a must to have.


My dream came true when Ms. Roberta & Capt. Dave Anderson from Albacore hand me a beautiful Coho salmon from their caught in the Pacific. Do you believe that people here get so much spoiled about the wild salmon.

galley is busy
galley is busy (also messy)
beautiful salmon from Ms. Roberta
beautiful salmon from Ms. Roberta

List of equipments for this project we have finished and on going so far.

Windless $1,250

Anchor chain (250ft) $1,350
Anchor 45 lb Mantus $600
6 man liferaft $3,450 (Sponsored)
Solar 100amp x2 , wire , controller and monitor $2,300
Wind gen and tower, wire $1,000
New batteries (golf) $900
Garmin charts $1,000
iPad and navionics charts $850
Ais standard horizon + Aeriel’s etc $550
ARC plb x2 top of the line $900
Cape Horn self steering $4,000
Folding bikes x2 $360
Auto helm $400
LED lights in and out $600
Ssb radio and pactormodem and stuff $2,000
Engal fridge freezer conversion and stuff$1,500
Kat. water maker $2,000
All the crap to stick this stuff on $2,000
First mate………a bloody fortune lol.

Enjoy your day!


Galley food inspiration by:


Teriyaki sauce : salmon teriyaki

Salmon roulade : salmon


    1. Thank you so much Tex Arty. We hope all these jobs will finally work for us while we are out in the ocean. It is also nice to hear that this is one of your dream. Thanks again. 🙂

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