Appetizer – Jasmine Rice Crackers & Coconut Meat Sauce

Jasmine Rice Crackers served with Coconut Meat Sauce
This recipe is another enjoyable Thai appetizer. It take a little more time to prepare than Thai Pork Canapé

This original of this menu made from left over cooked rice.

Scratch it out from the bottom of the rice pot, pat flat round shape and then dry in the sun for half day or full day is up to the strong of the sun. Here we live in the cold country so the oven is necessary to dry it out

Make Jasmine Rice crackers: Use 4 cups of cooked  rice, let cool. Lay out a clear plastic film on a cutting board.
Spread about 2 cups of cooked  rice and  then cover with clear plastic film.

Ingredients and preparation for rice crackers (Make estimated 48 pieces)
4 cups of cooked Jasmine rice, let cool.→(To cooking jasmine rice, Measure about 2 cups) Choose white jasmine rice because the fragrant and softness and when fried it becomes golden brown colour)Roller pin
Clear plastic film
Use a knife or a ring cutter to make your shapes.Use a cup of water when you cut jasmine rice sheet, water will prevent knife to stick with rice make it cut more easy.Place on a baking sheet or tray (brush a little with butter)


1. Lay out clear plastic film on a cutting board.
2. Spread about 2 cup of cooked jasmine rice, cover with clear plastic film over the top. Kindly See picture. Then use a rolling pin to make it smooth and flat to get a square sheet, the thickness is about 2 mm.
3. Knife cut to square, press round or triangle as you like.
4. Arrange in tray and dry in the oven with the lowest heat. It may take time to dry about 2- 3 hours
5. Fry in hot canola oil until golden brown two sides (Adjust the heat if necessary) Served with warm coconut meat sauce

Coconut meat sauce ingredients and preparation (Enough for 48 pieces) 3 cups fresh squeeze coconut cream (see how to produce coconut cream and coconut milk here) 2 cups fresh coconut milk 1 cup ground/chopped prawns 1 cup ground chicken or ground pork 1 tbsp fine chopped coriander stem (if you can find coriander roots please use it) 1 tsp fine chopped garlic 1 tbsp fine chopped red shallot Grind black pepper for seasoning 1 tbsp Salt for seasoning (This amount is estimated that you can add more to make the flavors balance) 4 tbsp Granulated sugar for seasoning (This amount is estimated that you can add more to make the flavors well balance) 1/2 cup (estimated) Tamarind water (tamarind mixed with hot water then strain as you can see from photo above) 1/4 cup coarsely chopped roasted peanuts (If it is salt peanut reduce the salt) 1 Dried Thai chili soaked in warm water, seed out and fine chopped Sprig of coriander for garnish  

preparation1. In a medium sauce pan add 1 cup of coconut cream and heat medium high heat to break out the coconut fat, add chopped garlic, shallots, coriander stems and fry until fragrant then add ground prawns and meat, Occasionally stir for a few minutes then add 2 more cups of coconut cream. Stir offen so the coconut cream does not clot.2. Add coconut milk and season with sugar, salt, and tamarind sauce. Add coarsely choppped roasted peanuts and fine chopped dried chilies. Simmer to reduction until almost half. The sauce should not too watery and not too dry. Taste the flavors as you simmer down.

3. The final taste of coconut meat sauce should be at first sweet followed by a slight salty and slightly taste sour from the tamarind.

Add to serving bowl and garnish with coriander sprig and thin slice Red Thai chili for the unique flavour of the land of smile.

 Let me know if this recipe comes out good for you.