Ocean view for appetite & our new plan




We don’t want to change our plan to the south pacific from 2013 to year 2014 but if it have too… so we then have to wait for next year 2014. We are still waiting for my immigration papers that are now 2 months overdue. Now our work have not much left to do but boat is always have things that you must to make it better. Still have to check with water leaking into the cabin when it rains.  So let the salmon calm down the worry and continue the plan. (Feel enjoy cooking in the galley)  Someone may wonder about the can food that we stock as if we will leave right away but it is not that way. Can food such as corn beef can stay for 10 years in cabin.



    1. Thank you Laura for your kind and sweet comment and we are glad that you like D.I.Y. things. In this situation we might go down and stay near Vancouver Island to avoid the winter in Prince Rupert. Wish you have a pleasant break 🙂

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