Exotic Thai ‘Pomelo Salad’ ยำส้มโอ


Today our presentation is a tradition Thai pomelo salad (also this can be an appetizer) or ‘Yum Som O’ called in Thai. The pomelo (is now in season) we get them imported from the USA.  Their weight is about 900 – 1,000 grams The taste of pomelo flesh when its combine with the dressing that we made today is creamy sweet follow up closely with sour from lime juice along with the citrus sour from pomelo then salt.

To make this appetizer, ‘Toasted coconut’ done until crispy and light golden brown in colour is an essential ingredient.  ‘Yum Som O’ can be prepared in advance to create a different presentation as an appetizer for a party.

Toast coconut meat

Pomelo may not sound a popular fruit in the west but this citrus fruit contains with many benefits that we may overlook.There is an  interesting expert below for us to learn more about ‘Yum Som O’.

“When it comes to yum som-o, balance is the name of the game. One bite will tell you if it’s too sour, too fruity, too shrimpy, too nutty. It’s pretty much a matter of personal taste, though one absolute is not to overwhelm the natural sweetness of the pomelo. (In any pomelo salad, the firmer, whiter khao nam peung — white honey — pomelo should be used, not the pink thong dee variety.) One other absolute: The salad should never, never be soggy.

“The dressing has to be properly cooled down before any tossing,” warns sous chef and consultant Sumet Sumpachanyanont of the restaurant Baan Rim Naam. Sogginess could also signal that the salad was made too long ago or that the crisper additions, like shallot slivers, were given too much time to soak in the dressing (which at best should be barely detectable or visible)”…..Read full story of this dish from the Wall Street Journal


Thai pomelo salad 

Dressing  (4 serves)
50 g prawn, minced
25 g chicken, minced
200 g Coconut cream (Home made coconut or buy in carton box)
8 g chili paste oil (boots a colour to red)
3 g chili paste
5 g salt 
10 g lime juice
14 g Granulated sugar
8 g coconut palm sugar

Preparation dressing
In a sauce pan, heat 50 grams of the coconut cream over a medium heat then add the prawns and the chicken to stir-fry until cooked. Add the rest of the coconut cream. Bring to the boil then mix in the chili paste and the chili paste oil. Season with the salt, white sugar, palm sugar and the lime juice to taste. The taste of this dressing first is creamy sweet and follow up with sour and then salt.

Ingredients for pomelo salad (2 serves)
300 grams  (about 8-9 Segments, pomelo segment, flaked (Our presentation today use two  Sunkist pomelo, color is not the same)
2-4 Tbsp (estimated) dressing (from above)
40 grams chicken breast, boiled and shredded (Our presentation today did not add shredded chicken)
80 g prawns, boiled (Our presentation today use shrimps)
2-3 Tbsp shallots, thin slices and deep-fried until golden brown (Our presentation today use red onion)
1 – 1.5 Tbsp  garlic, thin slices and deep-fried until golden brown
2 – 4 Tbsp  peanuts, coarsely chopped or grind,  toasted before
half – 1 whole coconut coconut meat for toast,  1 whole coconut and get about 400 grams after toasted, left over you can keep in jar
Garnish: coriander sprig, red chili strip


  • Preparation Pomelo by cut the top and bottom. Then slices the thick rind off carefully to reach the pomelo flesh. Score the middle on top before peel the white part. Use a small knife to peel. (be gentle)
  • Preparation for crisp coconut, Crack the coconut and bring out the coconut meat. slices the brown skin off before thin slices by long length and fine slice from wide (Fine julienne), bake in the oven set about 275-300 Farenheit and bake (carefully check) until light golden brown. (should be about 20 minutes or longer) Let cool and keep tight in jar.
  • Preparation for the rest ingredients: Toast peanut, deep fried garlic and shallot, prawns, chicken and garnish.
  • Toss pomelo flesh with a few tablespoon of dressing just before serve : Place the pomelo in a bowl; add in the prawns and chicken breast. Mix in the dressing and toss well. Then add in the shallots, garlic and peanuts. Toss lightly. Sprinkle with coconut meat and garnish with coriander leaves and shredded red chilies.


 Reference recipe: The Oriental Hotel Bangkok, Photographs by Luksana


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