Randi’s Norwegian success Torte

Homemade Norwegian Torte

A Special Treat for Valentines for my readers,

I was in love with this Norwegian Torte from Randi Johansen, She is Norwegian and she taught me how to prepare for this delicious dessert.  Randi settled down in Prince Rupert for many years and enjoy the life style of the rain forest city.  After I taste her special  dessert she made for a special holiday meal she made me feel like I was sitting in Oslo. The recipe is simple and mostly people love it. The best treat for a special day. Randi wrote this special recipe for me and I am pleased to post it for Valentines.


4 Egg whites, use medium size eggs, free range

150 grams Icing sugar, sifted

150 grams Almonds or Hazelnuts, ground


4 Egg yolks, free range

100 ml Fresh cream

125 grams Granulated sugar

1 Tsp Vanilla sugar or vanilla powder

150 grams Soft butter, unsalted

Preparation for Cake

  1. Mix icing sugar and ground almonds or hazelnuts.
  2. Whip egg whites to peaks, pour into nuts and icing sugar. Mix carefully.
  3. Pour mixture into greased spring pan (24 cm diam) Bake in middle of oven.
  4. (preheated to 360 F) for 35 minutes or until the done by use a toothpick test is clean. set to cool.

Note: The finish of cake is not high, it is just about 2 cm. tall or almost one inch. I use 9 inch pan for bake.


Preparation for Topping

  1. In a pot stir together egg yolks, whip cream, sugar and vanilla, heat up over low to medium heat (stir all the time) until mixture thickens. (Do not boil) Remove and let mixture cool down, then stir in soft butter.

2. Set cream in fridge until stiffed. You can leave it in the freezer for a couple of hours. (Randi said she always do this)

3. Set care on platter and spread the cream on top. For decoration you can use chopped pistachio nuts, almonds shaved chocolate.



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