Mount Hays | Winter Adventure

The top of Mount Hays, Prince Rupert

Regarding to follow up the previous post of The view of Prince Rupert from the airplane. Today I have a chance to walk from sea level up to the top of Mount Hays to see the view of Prince Rupert city and harbour and hike down. It takes time about 5-6 hours walking. It is a sunshine day after it rains with storm winds so hard for so many days which is normal winter here.

While Steph Worked on the boat. I had the chance to hike up Mount Hays with our Swiss Cruising Friends and our best Friend Maisie. We had a wicked week of storm after storm and the boat was bouncing around tied to the dock. The rain and wind , at times over 40 knots lasted all week. Then this beautiful day and Wow! What an adventure we all had… It is so special to have the chance of sharing the unspoilt beauty of the North Coast with such good friends.  I wonder if the next generation will have this opportunity as the Oil and Gas multi-nationals push to develop this area. it would be such a crime if the greed of a few were to destroy this natural paradise.

Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 11.44.00 PM


Far away from the back of the cloud you can see Haida Gwai.




  1. Fantastic view and photography. You should get an award for such a great shot. It looks like Maisie enjoyed the trip as much as anyone.
    It is a blessing to be in a position to see such natural wonders.
    Good luck on your travels.

    1. Tex Arty, Thank you for all your wishes. We wish you a very nice Christmas out there as well:) Maisie, she know the track so well and can lead us and have fun all the way up and down.

  2. Hi Laura, Thank you for your holidays wishes. Maisie a 9 years pup is always happy which I must keep on learn from her 🙂 We wish you a great year 2014!

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