Cabin book shelf and more …| New completed (Do that in Fiji) Projects of new year 2014

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Do it yourself Cabin book shelf

Galley : Do it yourself plate shelf

Front cabin

  • Cabin stowage net before that doesn’t work so we build an extra wood to store clothes. Now it is work. 

Dear Readers and friends,

Our blog is updating again for the first post of 2014. In past December the weather out here was rain and continued with winter storms now January is very bad and the harbour very rough with the boat bouncing like in the Ocean.  We are feeling more delight to see a little bit of longer daylight each day.  Although we have few sunshine days of each month but the happy people said we should grateful where we live. We have come to enjoy our less stressful lifestyle here. We have done jobs for the main cabin, galley and fore cabin. We made furnishings  for the empty walls so that it is more useful for cruising.  Stephen bought  pieces  of fir wood to cut and make shelfs to install in some space, for keeping books and dishes also cloths in easy to reach places . We had to be careful in their placement so that they did not get in the way of seating and sleeping.

December last year we had one job done. It was a challenge to build useful things  with no experience  before. We often get the knowledge from the internet. Stephen bought some fir wood and it would have been much more difficult without a wood cutter machines. Or we must use the jig saw to cut the wood. We use the work shop from the Argosy shop to finish this wood work. That would be very difficult to do it all in boat cabin while outside had rain with humidity 100% everyday in that two weeks periods. Before I was interested to use the cedar wood because the wood smell so good and it is from B.C. forest.  But impossible since the only wood available was rough cut, for home construction, the surface of cedar wood is not smooth for this furnish job. The colour of vanish is something that we can make a mistake and we did it and sometime must re-do it again.  After these shelf were installed we can feel it is more easy to find things.

P.S. When she says, we she means me 🙂 Steph

DSC_0760 ‘Mae’ shown me how to hold Pacific coast Dangeness crab by grab the last two legs….quite easy.


The share holder…I can calculate these two Dangeness can be cost 50 Canadian dollars if you dine out in some restaurants here.

DSC_0793 Storm in Jan



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