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DSC_0387 The Rockies mountains range is dividing Alberta (flatlands) and British Columbia

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I have photos from our trip between Prince Rupert and Northern Alberta. They show clearly the divide between the Flat Prairies that cover much of Western Canada and our own very Mountainous BC.

When comparing to driving, traveling by air you see more of a total picture of this country.

From the first photo you can see The Rocky Mountains (which range from north to south) line as a borders between Alberta and British Columbia.  The flat land that present the Prairie of Alberta where as the high mountains to go to British Columbia. For the first time I understand the size of Canada and how few people live in this vast country!

                                           Population 2013                    Area (Sq. km.)                            Population Density  (Sq. km.)                                                

Canada    35,158,300   9,984,670.00     3.41
USA          320,583,462    9,826,675.00      32.62  –
Thailand     70,473,102        513,120.00         137.34  –  –


Calgary, Alberta 


Also Calgary


B.C. mountains

All mountains were already white with snow as we travel by plane from our place in Prince Rupert to Vancouver and then east to Calgary before flying North again to Grande Prairie.

I made the 1.45 hours flight to Vancouver again within a week when I became a permanent resident 🙂 At this time I learn that some Canadian not familiar with our small Prince Rupert.  The entire trip by air from Prince Rupert is over high rugged mountains, These Coastal ranges stretch  from Alaska down to Vancouver.

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Photographs from this post taken on late November 2013.

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  1. Really great pictures and an amazing bit of history. Very well explained and informative. I look forward to your travels and wish I could do the same.
    Best wishes

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