Four days on the hard

Bottom after painted ‘black’

We finally motor Beautiful Swimmer and hauled out this week in Port Edward. A boat lift can tell that Beautiful Swimmer weight about 10.5 tons =  9,525 kilograms = 21,000 pounds)  We wash and clean the barnacles, muscles and weed off, it have been two years we did not take her out to clean and paint.

To bring her to the boat yard cost about  $ 1,000 (Including boat lift, paint, regular on the”hard”charge $45 per day). When it’s rain that the delay and to extend to stay more than one day) The atmosphere here is pretty humid from the spray water next to the crab site and the location is close the railway that carry all the British Columbia export including Grain, wheat and coal. Anyway we pay attention to the bottom so we don’t have to stay longer here. (It still takes time 4 -5 days including on weekend that the Port office was closed. While the bottom is cleaning at the same time Steph checked the water system inside the boat and propeller wire disk.

What we have done on the hard.

  • bottom Wash and paint black
  • water maker plumbed in
  • sea water valves replaced and or serviced…
  • check on head (toilet) and clean ……..
  • clean tube and anything that I can get near while out of the water.

Now we decided to leave but the weather forecast is warning about a big storm will coming to the coast in a few days. If we will leave this week to the south it is 50 knots…right against us so we decided to stay during this storm in Prince Rupert. (home coming!)

On the way back to Prince Rupert we  sailed to 6 knots into the harbour. Which is good against a strong tide and the boat laden down with all our cruising supplies.

Have a nice weather!

P.S. On the hard (a sailing term) = on land (out of water)

The propeller after cleaned and wire disk.


Sue Such (Australian), Right  & Dennis Sutherland (American), Left  from Dolphin II sailboat also at dry dock. They are heading to south after Alaska – the North coast sailing.


Symbol of Prince Rupert 2013 Three giant ‘silos’ that store wood pallets. They plan to built four more silos.
Prince Rupert Real Estate



  1. I am so envious of your South Pacific Journey, even all the hard work to get started. Looking forward to your next adventure.
    Good luck and have a good day.

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