Patience and Waiting


Greetings from the tropical paradise of Prince Rupert,

 So our beloved blog has been quiet for one month. We finally decided not to leave Prince Rupert until 2014. We  wished we can do it within this year but every time we set to leave there was another delaying  problem coming up. Waiting is painful but the focus has not changed.  We also can  check all the equipment that work set a date to leave or not.

We eventually had the boat ready to go, only to have Canadian and American Bureaucracy defeat our ambitions. Basically an error in Canada  and a Banking error in the USA lead us into the American Republican shutdown of the government services which had us stranded in BC.  Because of being delayed we had changed our plan to coast hop down the USA West Coast however when Luksana was told that her American visitors visa would take 3 months to complete we gave up.

So we have been forced to eat humble pie and enjoy the few nice fall days that have presented themselves. The North Coast is as beautiful as ever.

Happy friday to everyone!



  1. Sounds like a lot of work to keep everything shipshape. What is your itinerary for 2014 and what is life like at Prince Rupert anyway? Looking forward to your next journey.
    Good luck and good sailing.

    1. Hi, It is ongoing, job. All the major jobs are done but still plenty of, finish in Fiji, projects. We are going to make the best of our time here, and then head south in February. Just position ourselves for the trip South. March we will wait for a weather window to head from the South Coast of BC. Our plan will be weather dependant, move slowly down the coast of the USA or go about 100N miles offshore and head direct to French Poly. To be honest a little shy about making predictions.

    1. Thank Sebastian,

      We have our ups and downs. We are increasingly heading into the dark and grey days, We will need to keep focussed and must leave in February. Need to cut the cord.

  2. Lovely sunset picture! How I miss those nights (but don’t forget the rain either :)). Sorry to hear your trip is delayed. It’s always hard to wait. After 8 years, my parents (who sailed from Vancouver Island to Mexico) are now making plans to ship their sailboat home…if you ever want to talk to someone whose done the trek let me know:) they’ve also done the sail from Rupert to Van Island. Cheers.

    1. Thanks Holi,
      We have heard that the trip back uphill is no fun. Dockmates came up last year from Southern Cal and had to use the engine almost all the way. Not fun. We are rookies at the distance stuff so we are very receptive advice and information to those who have lived the dream and lived LOL

      1. Yes. My parents have decided to forgo to sail home and ship the boat back. They’re heading down one last time (they started leaving the boat down there in the summer and coming home for a couple of months each year) to get it ready. It’s been an amazing time and they’ve met friends for life.

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