BC Passage | Queen Charlotte Strait – Johnstone Strait – Discovery Passage

Dear Readers and friends,

Our passage has been continued from the North of Vancouver Island along Queen Charlotte Strait to Johnstone Strait and the recently down Discovery Passage. We are presently waiting our chance to run the famous Seymour Narrows and will leave as soon as we publish this report. This post to follow up the previous post. The weather is become a very big problem to do passage in April this year. Lots of gale, storm, strong wind and earthquake happened.” DSC_0588 DSC_0590

Port Hardy, Private Marina in April

6 Days at Port Hardy and Listened to Gale warning  (24-29 April 2014) Unbelievable, The Gale warning for Queen Charlotte Strait stop us to move further more. Anyway the weather channel broadcast from here is one of the best for 100% clear voice in english and french version. We docked here for 6 nights! Not too bad with Wi-fi internet. Meanwhile Stephen try to fix Depth Sounder. The propane small one just empty after using for cooking and heat for cabin. We have calculate using fuel for motoring that cost 3 litres per hour. p.s. A well-known supermarket at Port Hardy here is Overweigh Tea, Wi-fi is good signal and shower unlimited minutes at a private marina. DSC_0655

View from Queen Charlotte Strait
Nice village very well kept with welcoming locals to share a beer on a beautiful evening
Pub at Sointula
Broken windex we just noticed.

From Port Hardy to Sointula Wednesday 30 April 2014 Gale warning for Queen Charlotte Strait and mix of sun and cloud. We decided to leave Port Hardy at 13.10 hrs 16.00 hrs Malcolm Island, start Broughton Strait speed 5.5 knots 17.30 hrs Docked at Sointula Since the sun stay longer so we take a walk and found out that this place is quite different. People are friendly and layed back.

Thursday 1st May 2014 Sunshine and strong wind warning in area we are heading to. We decided not to leave today and the forecast for today is not right. Very warm and sunshine day. No wind at all. This forecast can be trick but we also must listen. A second night stayed at Sointula Moorage The rate of moorage here for two nights is about $ 55 Shower 3 Loonies for 5 minutes (24 hours open) DSC_0725  DSC_0780

Port NevilleDSC_0772

From Sointula to a free dock at Port Neville

Friday 2nd May 2014 7.00 a.m. Leave Sointula 08.05 a.m. Alert Bay Begins Johnstone Strait 09.55 a.m. West Cracroft Island Water maker testing Try water maker for fresh water making. Water is very clear so we try a little and let the machine work longer to test. Taste again and this time the quality of the taste is good and no salt so we can drink a whole glass. (without boil) but in the area is pretty clean water form Johnstone Strait. I would like to say that it make clear and water taste better than we get from the dock. 13.10 p.m. Havanah Channel Wind start to blow from the North so we use headsail with speed 6-7 knots 14.10 p.m. Start windy and waves.

We had a problem to folding head sail after wind had changed a direction. It stressful time for me with wind start to be stronger and also the waves pushing and you cannot furl the headsail right away. Stephen try to solve a problem for a while. Finally he can furl the head sail. He told me that the line must be change again to a smaller size. This is not good if we were out in the big ocean. 15.00 p.m. Dock at Port Neville”

P.S. Port Neville is a free dock with a lovely few cottage houses and clean atmosphere. Very friendly people who lives here can show you around. No Wi-Fi in area, no power and no shower. We were happy because it is a nice place to shelter from the windy evening and pouring rain later on. The people who lives here told us to beware of grizzly bear and cougar. The bear already start to find food early this year and sometimes they swim across shore. They had been seen around the houses today Brown and Black bears. Good to know!   We must leave now so we will do more post when we have a chance with the wi-fi in a few days. Bye for now.